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4 Tips On How To Start a Conversation With Your Children About Drugs

Good preventive drug education begins with parents. Research has shown that youths who have open discussions with their parents about drugs are less likely to abuse them. As a parent, you are in the position to protect your children from the harmful consequences of drug abuse, and it all begins ...
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3 Signs Your Kid Might Be Abusing Drugs

As a parent, there are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to your precious kids, and one of the scariest things a parent can discover is that their child has been abusing drugs. A sudden loss of interest in school/hobbies or a huge change in personality might ...
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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Confronting a Drug Addict

You just found out that your loved one is taking drugs, and you're afraid to talk to anyone about it. Yet, deep down, you know that this is wrong, that somebody needs to say something, do something. We agree, and we also think that you are the best person to start ...
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