Hear Their Stories

Hearing from others about their experiences could help you.



I feel like ever since i took drugs, i gained nothing except for losses. I lost my family’s trust, my good friends, my sense of direction, my sanity. It felt like i reached rock bottom and there’s still a down to it. I felt so lost. Its not true what they say about drugs. Drugs […]

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A blessing in disguise

I was young and curious. I thought being high with ganja would be the best getaway from all the problems. Little did I know it would bring me to a black hole. Embarrassment, Guilt, Stigma. The life nobody should be going through. It was tough but I thought to myself, Change starts with ME. I […]

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That night changed my life forever

Hello, my name is Jess and I am a recovering drug addict. I first started smoking ganja with friends just for fun. Laying there restless where all problems disappears. Life seemed good. Ganja seemed good. What I didn’t know was that that night would change my life forever.

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I have found happiness

It was over a year ago now, and haven’t touched any substances since. I am recovered and have found happiness. I have my life back and it’s the best feeling in the world!

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