How Bad Is Monster Rehab For You?

“Instead of being the safe energy drink that Defendants promised, the subject product causes dangerous hepatotoxic side effects, including without limitation, death, acute liver failure, hepatitis and other liver injuries,” the Monster Rehab class action lawsuit says.

How much caffeine is in Monster rehab?

  • Caffeine Comparisons. Monster Rehab Energy Drink contains 10.39 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (35.12mg/100 ml).


Does Monster Rehab dehydrate you?

Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade + Energy Iced Tea This sweet, low-calorie drink from Monster is one of the few energy drinks that actually will hydrate you (or re-hydrate you, as the case may be — it was designed to help recovery after a hard night out).

How bad is Monster energy drink for you?

Monster contains 28 grams of sugar per 8.4-ounce (248-ml) can, which is comparable to Red Bull. Drinking just one of these energy drinks daily can cause you to consume too much added sugar, which is bad for your overall health ( 2 ).

Is Monster Rehab Keto friendly?

Dirty Keto Monster Rehab Lemonade Energy Drink is low in net carbs but it should still be avoided on keto because it contains unhealthy ingredients like acesulfame K, sucralose, and glucose.

What’s the difference between Monster and Monster Rehab?

You’ve got: Regular Monster (varietals include low-carb, Assault, and Absolutely Zero ) Rehab (Teas-based; includes: white dragon tea, lemonade, peach tea, pink lemonade, orangeade, and raspberry tea)

Is Monster Rehab OK to drink?

“Instead of being the safe energy drink that Defendants promised, the subject product causes dangerous hepatotoxic side effects, including without limitation, death, acute liver failure, hepatitis and other liver injuries,” the Monster Rehab class action lawsuit says.

Is Monster Rehab good?

The taste was so refreshing. First there’s no carbonation, which made the drink very smooth and almost too easy to drink.As Monster Rehab crashed over my taste buds, I got a wonderful lemonade taste. Not quite 50/50 lemonade tea, more of a lemonade with a hint of tea, yet still very good.

Can a 13 year old drink Monster?

The bottom line is that children and adolescents should never consume energy drinks. And they should drink plain water during and after routine exercise, rather than sports drinks, which contain extra calories that contribute to obesity and tooth decay.

Is one Monster a week OK?

There is nothing unsafe about energy drinks. Caffeine itself can cause negative side effects if consumed in excess, but it is no different than when you have one too many coffees.

Is it bad to drink 3 Monsters a day?

If you want to drink monster enwrgy drink a day, you should not take more than one a day, taking like 3 monster drinks a day will harm your kidneys, liver, brain, and heart.

What energy drink is healthiest?

What’s the healthiest energy drink?

  • Red Bull (sugar-free) Red Bull is the most popular energy drink brand in the world.
  • Matcha Bar Hustle Unsweetened. Matcha Bar Hustle is great when you need a quick pick me up energy boost.
  • ZipFizz.
  • REIZE.
  • Monster Zero Ultra.
  • Celsius.

Does Monster Rehab have caffeine?

Monster Rehab Tea plus Lemonade delivers 160mg of Caffeine, and only 10 calories per can.

What flavor is the white sugar free monster?

Flavor Profile: Light Refreshing Citrus.

Does Monster Rehab help hangovers?

Monster Rehab is a great drink to use when you need a more natural energy “pick me up”. It contains lots of B vitamins and many other natural ingredients. Unfortunately, Monster Rehab didn’t really improve my hangover. Overall, Monster Rehab is fine as an energy drink, but not the most effective hangover cure.

Can kids drink Monster?

Energy drinks are heavily marketed to kids, but energy drinks and kids don’t mix. Some parents may not know that energy drinks can actually be harmful for kids’ health. The Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children do not consume any caffeine. Sugar: Energy drinks are also a source of added sugar to kids diets.

Is Red Bull is alcoholic?

Is it safe to drink Red Bull with alcohol? Red Bull Energy Drink is a non-alcoholic beverage.

Monster Rehab Energy Drink Review

Monster Rehab Energy Drink, a non-carbonated, lower-sugar beverage advertised as a sports recovery and/or hangover remedy, is reviewed in this article. As part of the Rehab family expansion, Monster has introduced four new flavors: green tea, orangeade, pink lemonade, and rojo tea. With three different tastes to pick from, Rehab aims to be a little less boring. UPDATE: Since this review was written, some flavors have changed. Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster Rehabilitation Center Monster Rehab is a Monster Beverages iced tea energy drink that is non-carbonated and made with stevia.


Lemonade: As soon as I opened the Rehab can, I was greeted with the wonderfully pleasant aroma of lemons, which was quite similar to the scent of RS Recovery. The flavor was quite refreshing. For starters, there is no carbonation, which results in a drink that is very smooth and almost too easy to consume. The lemonade flavor of Monster Rehab flooded over my taste senses as Monster Rehab smashed over my taste buds. But where had the tea’s flavor gone? Towards the end, I began to detect a faint trace of the tea, which was not overpowering and almost an afterthought, but was just enough to be present and pleasant after a surge of lemonade.

Green Tea: I must admit that when I read that the taste was green tea, I was a little disappointed.

Monster Rehab Energy Ingredients

The first thing I noticed was Monster’s “Rehab Energy Blend,” which is made up of caffeine, milk thistle, glucose, black tea extract, L-carnitine, acai extract, concentrated coconut water, quercetin, guarana, inositol, glucuronolactone, gojiberry extract, and mangosteen extract.However, Rehab is still an energy drink, so it still contains the usual suspects like taurine, caffeine, and Green tea has 155mg of caffeine per can, according to the label.


Once I’d finished the full can of Monster Rehab Energy Drink, it didn’t take long before I started to feel a small Monster Rehab Energy Drink rush coursing through my veins. Because there isn’t a lot of sugar in the can (6 grams), I didn’t get jittery, but I did have a strong sense of alertness that lasted for a little more than 3 hours without any signs of fatigue. However, I did not go to alcohol rehab for the goal of alleviating a hangover, as it was designed to do.

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Monster Rehab Verdict

After having waited so long for this energy drink, I assumed the only thing it could do was disappoint, but I was proven incorrect by its performance. Rehab, in my opinion, was a complete success for Monster. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fall in love with something as bizarre as RS Recovery, but with a hint of tea, I believe Monster Rehab has just raised the bar. For those of you who drink and wake up with a hangover, Monster Rehab Energy Drink is a good option to consider. It should do wonders for your headache and allow you to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Brandon Trouten gave his opinion on the matter. Image courtesy of ED The drinks reviewed on JunkieDrinks are chosen by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of this website or its owners.


The following article was written by Ted Kallmyer and last updated on February 17, 2021

Health Risks of Monster Energy Drinks

Monster Energy Drinks have been linked to sleeplessness in certain people. The following image was provided by:hxdbzxy/iStock/Getty Images Monster Energy beverages include a plethora of substances that claim to promote endurance, provide long-lasting energy, and sharpen mental focus and attention. The effects of the beverage will differ from one individual to the next. The serving size of Monster Energy drinks is two cans, and eating the full can may have negative health consequences for your body.

If you suspect you are experiencing unpleasant side effects, consult your doctor immediately.

Elevated Blood Pressure

When your blood pressure is elevated, also known as hypertension, it puts your body at risk for a variety of other illnesses. The effects of high blood pressure might include hardening of the arteries, straining of the kidneys, and even irreversible damage to the heart. According to information published by the University of California, daily caffeine consumption of more than 100 mg can raise your chance of developing hypertension (high blood pressure). Monster Energy drinks contain around 80 milligrams of caffeine each serving, or 160 milligrams of caffeine per can.


It is possible to become wired for several hours after consuming Monster Energy drinks, as a result of the high sugar and caffeine content. According to Medline Plus, caffeine is absorbed swiftly by the body and circulated throughout the body through the bloodstream. It quickly gains access to your brain from this point on. As a result, the caffeine may continue to exert its effects for several hours after you consume it. Additionally, Monster contains extra nutrients such as carnitine, guarana, ginseng, and taurine for added energy and endurance.

Avoid consuming Monster Energy drinks after midday in order to avoid issues while attempting to fall asleep later that night.


It is possible that the high caffeine level in Monster Energy beverages will cause your heart to beat irregularly. When you experience a fluttering in your chest or a quick heartbeat, you are experiencing arrhythmia. These symptoms should only last a short time and then vanish on their own in a healthy adult. Additionally, according to, you could feel like you’re having chest discomfort, restlessness, dizziness, or shortness of breath.

Increased Urination

Excessive caffeine consumption can also cause your digestive tract to speed up, which can result in you needing to urinate more frequently than usual. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it also has the potential to cause dehydration very fast if not done properly. A study conducted by the University of California found that caffeine consumption greater than 400 mg per day resulted in increased urination.

In order to avoid dehydration while consuming Monster Energy drinks in order to gain more energy, better concentration, or increased endurance, you should also drink water.

r/nutrition – Monster Rehab

Hello, everyone. I’m a new subscriber. Please accept my apologies if this is not the appropriate forum for posting this. Please let me know if this is not the case. Drinking sodas has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember because the caffeine in them helps me concentrate. As a result, I’ve struggled with my weight for the majority of my adult life. I am currently approximately 30 pounds overweight compared to my target weight. I’ve decided to use some tools (such as My Fitness Pal) to assist me in losing weight while under the supervision of a medical professional.

That was an easy way to save between 500 and 800 calories per day, which was a significant amount of money.

Monster Rehab.Good or Bad?

Is there anyone that drinks Monster Rehab? There is a lemon tea flavor that has only 10 calories, but is it really that healthy for you? Do you have any first-hand knowledge? 0


  • I used to be a huge fan of the low carb monster until this one came along, and it is now my fave! 0
  • I had an awful experience with it, and I began puking 45 minutes after consuming it. I’m not going to touch another one. It’s because I dislike energy drinks that I’m writing this. Even those that are not promoted as energy drinks by the corporations that produce them contain compounds that are comparable to those found in energy drinks. The answer is zero
  • Well, I’m thinking it varies from individual to individual. It’s possible that I’ll need an extra boost during the day to get things done
  • Hopefully, this will not result in me throwing up. 0
  • I drink them every other day and don’t see them being sold in bulk, but I’m curious whether they’re truly that harmful for you. I believe they are, but it will not deter me from continuing.

Monster Rehab Review

Monster Rehab is the name of the product. Overall Score: 5.0 out of 5 stars Drinks are the product kind. 15.5 ounces in weight Price:$75.10 for a 24-pack of cigarettes Cost per serving: $1.56 per serving Purchase Information: Click Here Top Vitamin B2, L-Cysteine, Dextrose, L-Glutamic Acid HCL, and Vitamin B6 are among the ingredients.

Overall Opinion:

Monster Rehab is a fantastic drink to utilize when you’re looking for a more natural energy “pick me up.” It has a high concentration of B vitamins as well as several other natural components. Unfortunately, Monster Rehab was unable to significantly alleviate my hangover. I was terribly disappointed since hangovers are the absolute worst! Fortunately, it’s delectable and simple to prepare. When you consider that each 15.5 oz bottle contains 2 doses, Monster Rehab is a very reasonable product.

Overall, Monster Rehab is a good energy drink, but it isn’t the most effective hangover treatment available on the market.

The Details:

Utilization Ease Because Monster Rehab is so wonderful, it is really simple to use! Because there aren’t any specific instructions on how to utilize Monster Rehab as a hangover treatment, I made up my own. I gave it a shot by downing it first thing in the morning after waking up with a severe hangover. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to take your hangover cure the night before with this approach, and it’s quite convenient. Due to the fact that it is intended to wake you up and offer energy, this is not a drink that should be consumed before bedtime.

Perhaps I would have had greater success with the drink if I had consumed half of the bottle as my first drink of the night and the other half as my first drink the following morning. Taste/Smell Monster Rehab comes in a variety of flavors. Each and every flavor that I tried was really great! The

Monster Rehab:Summary

Factor Monster Rehab
Overall Rating
Ease of Use Very easy to use
Morning After Results No major change in hangover symptoms
Top Ingredients Glucose, B Vitamins, and Tea
Side Effects I experienced no major side effects:)
Price $75.10 for a 24 pack of 15.5 oz bottles, $1.56 per serving
Where To Buy Click Here

Monster Rehab Evaluation

Does Monster Rehab have caffeine?

Is Monster Rehab a caffeinated beverage? A single 12-ounce can of Monster Rehab Tea with Lemonade has 160 milligrams of caffeine and only 10 calories. What is it about Monster Rehab that is so awful for you? Monster Rehab’s class action lawsuit alleges that, “instead of being the safe energy drink that Defendants promised,” the subject product “causes dangerous hepatotoxic side effects, including but not limited to death, acute liver failure, hepatitis, and other liver injuries.” Are there any Monster drinks that are caffeine-free?

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It is available in cans and bottles.

Does Monster Rehab keep you hydrated?

Does Monster Rehab have caffeine? – Related Questions

To get a deadly amount of caffeine, a person must consume around 10 grams of caffeine, or 80 to 100 cups of coffee, in one sitting. This is not an easy undertaking for a person of ordinary bodyweight.

What monster has the least caffeine?

To get a deadly amount of caffeine, a person must consume around 10 grams of caffeine, or 80 to 100 cups of coffee, in one sitting. This is not an easy undertaking for someone of ordinary bodyweight.

Is one monster a day OK?

According to the Mayo Clinic, caffeine at amounts of up to 400 mg per day appears to be safe for the majority of individuals. “Healthy individuals who wish to use energy drinks should not consume more than one can per day,” stated Dr. Zeratsky of the Mayo Clinic.

Is monster worse than coffee?

In most cases, energy drinks contain high amounts of sugar and at least the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. However, despite this “unique combination” of components, studies have found that energy drinks do not improve attention any more than a cup of coffee.

How bad is monster for you?

Monster has 28 grams of sugar every 8.4-ounce (248-ml) can, which is equivalent to the amount found in a can of Red Bull. Drinking even one of these energy drinks everyday might result in you consuming an excessive amount of added sugar, which is detrimental to your general health (2).

How much caffeine is in monster recovery?

Monster Rehab has a caffeine content of 10.97 mg per fluid ounce (37.09 mg per 100 ml). A 15.5-ounce can contains a total of 170 milligrams of caffeine.

How much caffeine is too much?

Most healthy adults appear to be able to consume up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per day without experiencing any adverse effects. Approximately the amount of caffeine contained in four cups of freshly ground coffee, 10 cans of cola, or two “energy shot” beverages.

Can I take 400mg of caffeine at once?

Caffeine tablets typically include 100–200 mg of caffeine per serving, depending on the manufacturer. People can often consume up to 400 mg per day without experiencing any negative side effects.

How long does 200 mg of caffeine last?

According to the response, caffeine may be found in our systems for anywhere from 4 to 6 hours on average, with a half life of around 5 hours.

That indicates that if you eat 200 mg of caffeine, you will still have 100 mg remained in your body after 5 hours of consumption.

Is 1000 mg of caffeine too much?

The majority of people experience anxiety, jitteriness, and other comparable symptoms when they consume large amounts of caffeine on a regular basis. However, caffeine-sensitive individuals may experience similar symptoms when they consume even a small amount of the substance (9, 10).

How many calories does monster rehab have?

Monster Energy Rehab Lemonade has a calorie count of 0 calories. Monster Energy Rehab Lemonade has a calorie count of 10.0.

Is 300 mg of caffeine a lot?

For the time being, you should limit your caffeine intake to moderate quantities. This implies no more than 300 mg a day for an adult. That’s the equivalent of three 6-ounce cups of coffee, four cups of regular tea, or six 12-ounce cola drinks.

Which has more caffeine Monster or Red Bull?

Monster will have a sweeter taste as a result of this. There is a significant amount of caffeine in both beverages. Monster Energy drinks include a whopping 89 milligrams of caffeine, while Red Bull contains 111 milligrams of caffeine. In comparison, a typical cup of coffee has 95 mg of caffeine.

Does Monster have more caffeine than coffee?

A study conducted by Consumer Reports discovered that Monster Energy contains 92 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce drink, as opposed to 100 milligrams in an 8-ounce cup of coffee. The most popular Starbucks size is the Grande (16-ounce), which has double the amount of caffeine as the regular cup. Monster Energy cans contain 276 mg of caffeine per 24-ounce serving.

Which is stronger Monster or Red Bull?

This suggests that Monster is somewhat stronger than Red Bull per fluid ounce, but there isn’t much of a difference between the two drinks. The major reason that Monster contains substantially more caffeine than Red Bull in total is because a can of Monster is almost double the size of a typical can of Red Bull in terms of container size.

Whats the worst energy drink for you?

Worst Case Scenario: Full Throttle Full Throttle has officially been designated as the worst energy drink of all time. This beverage has more sugar than five Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups each can, which contains 220 calories and 58 grams of sugar per can.

How many coffees are in a monster?

Monster original – a 500ml can of Monster Monster Energy has one of the highest caffeine and sugar content of the drinks tested, with 160mg of caffeine in a 500ml can – approximately four times as much as a shot of espresso. Monster Energy has one of the highest caffeine and sugar content of the beverages tested. In addition, the drink contains the equivalent of 13 tablespoons of sugar.

What gives you energy fast?

Exercise is a natural energy enhancer because it causes oxygen-rich blood to rush through your body, supplying it to your heart, muscles, and brain everytime you do it. Even if you can only spare a few minutes at a time, fitting in a workout into your day will help to keep your energy levels at their optimum level.

What does Monster do to your body?

Increased caffeine intake may result in significant heart and blood vessel disorders, such as cardiac rhythm abnormalities and increases in heart rate and blood pressure, when consumed in large quantities. Caffeine may also have negative effects on children’s cardiovascular and nervous systems, which are still developing.

How long will a Monster keep you awake?

How long can you stay up because of Monsters? A regular can of Monster contains 160mg of caffeine per 16oz can, which is more than the company claims and roughly twice the amount found in a regular cup of coffee.

However, caffeine is completely absorbed into your system within 45 minutes and will continue to circulate in your body for another 6-8 hours after that.

Does Red Bull actually keep you awake?

Oz Red Bull has 80 milligrams of caffeine, which is unlikely to keep you up for the entire evening. However, any quantity of caffeine will make you feel less fatigued, and thus consuming Red Bull will help you remain up for the rest of the night.

Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade + Energy, Energy Iced Tea, 15.5 Ounce (Pack of 24)

My orders of Monster from Amazon have been arriving for over a year now, and the quality of the product has consistently deteriorated with each shipment. Since that original order a year ago, I have continued to receive beaten-up, unclean, and broken cans, which I find unacceptable. Despite the fact that these monsters are not carbonated, they are still sealed in the same way that a normal can of soda would feel full or under pressure until it is opened. In the most recent shipment, I started receiving cans that were not under pressure and they tasted worse; however, it wasn’t the entire case that was bad; rather, it was a completely random selection of cans within the case, suggesting that it was not Amazon’s fault. : Monster Rehab Peach Tea + Energy, Energy Iced Tea, 15.5 Ounce, 24 Count (Pack of 1) : Everything Else

a rating of one out of five stars Monster Rehab Slime is a slime with a monster theme. On August 19, 2017, it was reviewed in the United States. Seven out of the last sixteen cans in the case included approximately one tablespoon of some sort of phlegmy muck. I’ve been drinking it for years, but I’m thinking of giving it up after this. Where has the quality control gone missing? In the last two weeks, I’ve come across multiple reports of the same thing on the internet.

Top reviews from the United States

On July 7, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. Lemonade is the flavor, and it was verified to be purchased. I’m not sure what is going on with the pricing of Monster right now. Even though I’ve purchased this product 59 times, the prices continue to increase. The current price of $50.09 is a 35% increase over the amount I paid on May 24, 21. That is a compelling argument to seek out a different energy drink. On August 19, 2017, it was reviewed in the United States. Orangeade is the flavor, and it was a verified purchase.

  1. There is no carbonation, and there is no excessive sugar.
  2. The sprinkles are visible directly on the inside of the can.
  3. According to the United States government, on March 29, 2019 Raspberry is the flavor that was purchased and verified.
  4. Then, oh my goodness, my raspberry tea was ruined.
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How Does It Feel To Drink 14 Cans Of Soda?

Snack Girl recently received a question about Monster Rehab, which she was delighted to answer. Rehab? It’s possible that Monster has improved in health. Unfortunately, Monster’s “Rehab” is not about becoming healthy. The following is an excerpt from the can: We are in desperate need of a new beverage. An all-in-one drink that quenches thirst, replenishes fluid lost during the day and restores energy after a long night on the town is hard to find. We certainly require a new beverage – one that exposes the quantity of caffeine included in each and every can of this swill.

The cause of death was unknown. You may read her story at Today Health. Following my initial post onMonster, I wrote to both of my U.S. senators, pleading for their assistance and assistance. Since the United States government

  • You have the ability to damage your teeth. I was told by a pediatric hygienist that she had a child who had over 15 spots of decay on his teeth as a result of consuming these beverages. The parents were handed a $6000 dentist bill (since they did not have dental insurance)
  • It is possible to develop Type II diabetes. You are putting an excessive amount of sugar into your system, and your body will not be able to keep up with it. The use of excessive sugar puts you at risk for Type II diabetes and a shorter lifespan
  • You may also acquire weight as a result of this practice. What is going to happen to all that sugar? Until you reach your waist. Drink plenty of water if you want to look your best in your prom dress or tuxedo.

What are your thoughts on “energy” drinks that are marketed to children?

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Children and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24 make up the bulk of the market for energy drinks such as RockStar, RedBull, and Monster. These beverages are high in caffeine and sugar.

The Truth About Energy Shots

You know, right now I’m in desperate need of some chicken wings. These legs are simply not functioning properly for me.

Science Behind Vibal Energy Tea

Hi. Hello, my name is Caffeine Scientist GreenEyedGuide. In this episode of the Caffeine at Midnight podcast, I’d like to discuss about an energy drink that has no artificial sweeteners or tastes, and instead relies on natural ingredients. This beverage has the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee, however the caffeine comes from green tea extract instead of coffee. Do you have any idea what it is? Today we’ll be talking about Vibal Energy Tea, and we’ll go over the components, whether or not this drink is safe and healthy enough to use on a daily basis, and how this compares to a standard energy drink such as Monster Energy Rehab.

Let’s get this party started!

Thanks for listening!

Vibal Energy Tea Flavors and Favorites

Vibal Energy Tea is available in a 16-ounce glass bottle that has a lid, which is convenient since you can keep it closed and drink it throughout the day. Lemonade (my personal favorite), pomegranate (my second favorite), wild wildflower honey, and spicy ginger are just a few of the flavors available. It’s too spicy for this white chick, but it has a wonderful bite to it that my hubby really appreciated. You are welcome to take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Vibal Energy Tea Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Green tea, L-theanine, vitamin C, ginseng, and natural caffeine are some of the important constituents in this energy drink. Some of you may have heard that vitamin C and caffeine don’t mix well, so I’d want to take a little moment to explain why people believe this. In truth, Vibal Energy Tea has 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, so it’s definitely a good time to dispel that urban legend.

Vitamin C and Caffeine Interactions?

On the basis of two bodily functions, the assumption that caffeine and vitamin C don’t get along has been made. First and foremost, coffee contains substances known as tannins. Some vitamins are inhibited from being absorbed as a result of the chelation or aclaw-like activity caused by the tannins in the food. Fortunately, this is not an issue with this energy drink because it does not include coffee, and so will not contain the tannins that are present in coffee. So we’re in good shape. Second, because vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, some believe that caffeine’s diuretic impact reduces absorption of this vitamin.

And because you’re urinating more, you’re peeing out the vitamin C before you can absorb it. Fortunately, the amount of caffeine in this beverage ensures that this is not an issue. To be more specific, that diuretic effect

Vibal Energy Tea versus a Stereotypical Energy Drink

What is the difference between Vibal Energy Tea and a traditional energy drink? To make an apples-to-apples comparison, let’s take a look at Monster Energy, notably the Rehab brand, which contains both tea and energy. There are a few distinct types available. In addition to the lemonade flavor, there’s a peach tea flavor and a raspberry tea flavor. However, I’m mainly interested in the lemonade flavor. Monster Rehab Iced Tea with Lemonade is what you’re looking for. Vibal Energy Tea is probably the most similar product to this.

Vibal Energy Tea versus Monster Rehab Ingredients

Organic cane sugar is used in the production of Vibal Energy Tea, and it has just three grams per cup. That’s a really reasonable sum. Monk fruit, which is a natural sweetener, is also used in the production of Vibal. I like monk fruit because it is a natural sweetener, similar to Stevia, but it does not leave a bitter metallic aftertaste on the palate like Stevia does. CaffeineMan, one of my closest friends, is a Stevia Super-Taster. For those of you who are unfamiliar with CaffeineMan, I strongly encourage you to check out his YouTube channel.

CaffeineMan is a “Super Taster,” which means that anything containing Stevia leaves a strong, bitter-metallic aftertaste in his mouth.

Monk fruit, on the other hand, is an expensive item that not everyone can buy.

Vibal Energy Tea versus Monster Rehab Caffeine Content

Vibal and Monster Rehab have similar caffeine contents when compared to one another (200 mg versus 160 mg, respectively). Monster Rehab has around 160 milligrams of caffeine per 16-ounce container, and Vibal Energy Tea contains approximately 200 milligrams per 16-ounce bottle. As a result, one serving of Vibal contains more caffeine than a single serving of Monster Rehab. And, as I previously stated, the caffeine in this product comes from green tea as well as naturally occurring caffeine that has been added.

Is Vibal Energy Tea safe enough to drink every day?

Yes, you may have Vibal Energy Tea on a daily basis. Specifically, the caffeine content, the sugar content, and the food matrix, which includes both the caffeine and the other components, led to this finding. This energy drink is a safe and healthy beverage that you can consume on a daily basis without fear of negative health consequences. Of course, this is only applicable if you are over the age of 18 because one complete bottle contains more caffeine than what is permitted for a minor to consume.

For comparison, 200 milligrams of caffeine is approximately the same amount as in two cups of coffee.

Fortunately, this beverage is packaged in a glass container with a cap, which makes it easier to transport.

When Does Coffee Become an Energy Drink?

Science Behind the Doubleshot at Starbucks

Potentially harmful effects of energy drinks – it’s not the caffeine

Reuters Health reports that According to a new study, drinking 32 ounces of energy drink is related with potentially dangerous changes in blood pressure and cardiac function that are in addition to those found with caffeine alone, which is concerning. There are more than 500 energy drink varieties available on the market, and their rising popularity has been accompanied by a considerable increase in the number of emergency department visits and deaths connected with energy drinks. These items’ manufacturers and supporters assert that they are as safe as caffeine, however there is little data to back up that assertion.

While energy drinks often contain caffeine, nothing is known about the safety of some of the other compounds in them, according to the research team that conducted the study.

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