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LOS ANGELES, March 22 (UPI) — Reality television personality Amber Portwood says she opted to serve time in prison because she thought she would be dead if she went to rehab instead. The Teen Mom OG star began her 17 months behind bars in 2012.LOS ANGELES, March 22 (UPI) — Reality television personality Amber Portwood says she opted to serve time in prison because she thought she would be dead if she went to rehab instead. The Teen Mom OGTeen Mom OGA teen mom is an individual that has undergone teenage pregnancy and given birth before they turn 20 but after or when they turn 13. Teen Mom may also refer to the following television shows: 16 and Pregnant, the show from which the “Teen Mom” franchise is derived. › wiki › Teen_mom

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star began her 17 months behind bars in 2012.

Who has custody of Leah Amber or Gary?

According to The Sun, Amber has partial custody of her son, James, but hasn’t seen her daughter, Leah, in some time. Currently, Amber’s in court fighting for more time with James. She wants full custody, but that may not happen, as her ex Andrew Glennon has claimed that Amber hit their child.

How many times has Amber Portwood been incarcerated?

The Teen Mom 2 star has been arrested 15 times, including the aforementioned arrest with Delp in October 2010, an outstanding warrant for cyberstalking in March 2012, possession of heroin, possession of paraphernalia and simple assault on her husband at the time, Courtland Rogers, in April 2013, and driving without a

Why did Amber from MTV go to jail?

Amber was sentenced to five years in prison for prescription drug possession and probation violation. The Teen Mom OG star was released from jail early in 2013 for good behavior and according to the jail’s spokesperson, she participated in a substance abuse program while in prison.

How old was Gary when Amber got pregnant?

Amber’s episode of 16 & Pregnant focuses on Amber’s pregnancy, the first few months of motherhood and the effect on the relationship between the couple. Amber and Gary were together for two and a half years before she became pregnant at the age of 18.

Where does Amber from Teen Mom live?

TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood gave up her beloved Indiana home to her baby daddy Andrew Glennon in their nasty custody war over their 2-year-old son James. Instead of child support, Amber, 30, has allowed Andrew, 37, and their son to live in her lakeside house to keep James’ home routine stable.

Where does Cheyenne from Teen Mom live?

CHEYENNE’S BUNGALOW On the west coast, Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne, 29, lives in a South Los Angeles home that is estimated at over $540,000. The house includes three bedrooms and one bathroom. Cheyenne has lived in the home since she joined the reality series in 2018 with her 4-year-old daughter Ryder.

Does Amber have custody of James?

The exes share joint legal custody, allowing the Teen Mom OG star three unsupervised visits a week with James.

What drugs did Amber use?

The California-based father claimed he had previously witnessed Portwood under the influence of meth and alleged her Oct. 16 behavior was “substantially similar” to when she allegedly used the addictive stimulant.

Why does Amber not have custody of Leah?

Amber was engaged to Leah’s father Gary Shirley, who is 34, until 2010, when she was arrested for domestic violence. Two years later, in 2012, Amber was arrested for drug possession and spent 17 months in prison. Due to her arrests, Amber lost custody of her daughter, Leah.

How many kids does Gary’s wife have?

Kristina has two daughters Gregory and Kristina had one daughter together, Karly, who’s close to Leah’s age, while she and Gary share daughter Emilee.

Where is Gary Teen Mom now?

Gary currently owns four homes and two plots of land in Indiana, which he has been acquiring since 2015. Although Amber lost custody of her kids before, she and Gary now have 50/50 custody of their daughter Leah. She spends a lot of time on Gary’s land. Gary Shirley has spent over a decade of his life on reality TV.

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood: I ate fentanyl patches in rehab

Amber Portwood acknowledges that her appearance on “Dr. Phil” was the first time she’d been sober on stage in a very long time. After being released from jail just a few weeks ago, “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood is speaking out on “Dr. Phil” Friday for the first time, and she has a lot to say about her battles with heroin addiction. The young mother, who is now 23 years old, revealed that she continued to use narcotics while in treatment. “I was under the influence of a narcotic known as fentanyl.

It was similar to a three-day bandage.

I was referring to it often throughout my stay (rehab).

The substance has the potential to become addictive.

  1. She even admitted to eating one of the patches while being subjected to a drug test.
  2. Phil” interview will be the first time she has appeared on stage since she has become sober.
  3. The hardships of the reality television celebrity have been thoroughly covered in MTV’s blockbuster docuseries “Teen Mom,” as well as in the press.
  4. She was taken into custody on felony domestic violence charges.
  5. To find out when Dr.

Amber Portwood Details Past Drug Addiction: ‘I Got Kicked Out of Our Walmart’

I’m not going to hold back. In a recent interview, Amber Portwood spoke up about her difficulties with substance misuse and described how it has affected her daily life. According to the 28-year-oldTeen Mom OG star, who is bipolar and borderline, “I have really horrible anger problems because I’m bipolar and borderline, which is not an excuse, but at the time I didn’t know it, so I wasn’t really taking care of myself or really understanding why I was feeling certain emotions,” she explained during a recent episode of the”Dopey”podcast.

  1. (Image courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.) Photographs courtesy of Getty Images she explained further.
  2. “It was really insane.
  3. I had vanished without a trace.
  4. She has now appeared on all seven seasons ofTeen Mom, which was eventually renamedTeen Mom OG, and other reality television shows.

As Portwood stated, “when you’re making a lot of money, there’s more money for drugs.” I was the first person a drug dealer phoned when he had a fresh stockpile of whatever he was selling because they knew I’d purchase the whole thing since I had the money to do it.” It’s never going to help.” “I used to be a bad opiate junkie,” she said.

  1. I believe it was the sense of simply kind of not being conscious that I found appealing.
  2. “That was my ‘go-to’ solution at the time.” Portwood was arrested in December 2011 for breaking his probation after pleading guilty to two charges of domestic assault.
  3. Rather than continuing with her court-ordered treatment, she decided to serve a five-year jail sentence instead in June 2012.
  4. During an interview with the podcast host, Portwood confessed that she had struck rock bottom at her grandmother’s house, which was the catalyst for her choice to go to jail.
  5. “I had overdosed on fentanyl in the bathroom at my grandmother’s house,” she confessed to the police.
  6. I woke up on the floor, dribbling profusely from the corner of my mouth.
  7. Although she has had prior difficulties with alcohol, the MTV star admits that she can now “drink a bit” since she has “never had an issue with drinking.” “I’m able to have a glass of wine every now and then,” she expressed relief.
  8. It doesn’t happen every month.” You can reach out to the Substance Misuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP if you or someone you know is dealing with substance abuse issues (4357).

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‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Admits Being High During All Her TV Appearances

The reality TV celebrity attempted and failed to finish treatment, but she eventually made her way to the other side of the law by entering prison. Image courtesy of:Fans of Amber Portwood’s sober side is being revealed to the public for the first time on Teen Mom. Last Friday, the reality star spoke with Dr. Phil, in which she not only admitted that it was “my first time on stage sober,” but that she had been high “every time you see me on that program” for the previous year as well. She revealed that she was consuming narcotics while in court-ordered treatment, despite the fact that she was addicted to prescription medications and had been to rehab on multiple occasions before.

  • “I would open up the patch and eat the patch,” she stated emphatically.
  • While I was in drug court and on house arrest, I was taking it during the entire time I was there with a friend.” Advertisement on behalf of These advertisements were purchased for placement in this section by the sponsor.
  • By entering long-term drug treatment, she avoided serving a five-year jail sentence.
  • Despite her insistence that incarceration was essential in order to actually get clean for her now five-year-old daughter, Leah, several people questioned her motivations for doing so.
  • Carole Lieberman, a psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them, shared her thoughts on the subject.
  • “Her actions almost appear to be motivated by a desire to avoid the obligations of parenthood.” However, despite the contentious manner, it appears that Portwood benefited from his time in prison.
  • The early release was granted as a result of excellent behavior, time served, and completion of two prison education courses.
  • McCarton Ackerman is a writer and editor who works as a freelancer in the Portland, Oregon area.
  • He has written for The Fix since October 2011.
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‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Spills On Past Drug Addiction: I Was ‘Kicked Out Of Walmart’

On a recent edition of the “Dopey” Opens a New Window.podcast, Amber Portwood was incredibly upfront about her former drug addiction, which she shared with the audience. Aside from claiming that she was previously “kicked out of Walmart,” she also alleges that there are photographs of her “beating up a girl at iHop.” Yikes! ‘I have really terrible anger problems because I’m bipolar and borderline, which is not an excuse, but at the time I didn’t realize what I was dealing with, so I wasn’t really taking care of myself or understanding why I was experiencing certain emotions,’ the 28-year-old Teen Mom OG actress admitted.

  1. I have images of me beating up a girl at IHOP,” Amber said, adding that she had two children.
  2. I have no idea where I was in the first place.
  3. You may blame the drugs for the most part for my tendency to act impulsively, but it was also a reflection of my personality.” Amber featured on MTV’s 16 Pregnant in 2009 before moving on to the spinoff Teen Mom in 2010.
  4. She has been a part of the brand for about a decade, and she has undoubtedly earned a substantial sum of money during that time.
  5. As Amber noted, “when you’re making a lot of money, there’s more money for drugs.” I was the first person a drug dealer phoned when he had a fresh stockpile of whatever he was selling because they knew I’d purchase the whole thing since I had the money to do it.” It’s never going to help.
  6. I’d probably do 10 to 20 hydrocodone pills — if they didn’t have hydrocodone, I’d attempt to get my hands on some oxycontin or oxycodone — or whatever sort of opiate they had available.
  7. I believe I was depressed and s***-filled at the time of the incident.
  8. This included an incident in which she assaulted her ex-fiance, Gary Shirley, which was recorded on video and shown on an episode of Teen Mom.
  9. She was freed from prison in November 2013 after serving 17 months behind bars.
  10. “I had overdosed on fentanyl in the toilet at my grandmother’s house, which is why I decided to go to jail,” she explained, justifying her choice to go to jail.
  11. I woke up on the floor, dribbling profusely from the corner of my mouth.

She also has a daughter, Leah, who is nine years old, with Gary. According to Amber, she is now able to “drink a bit” because she “never had an issue with alcohol in the past.”

Amber Portwood: I Was High on Drugs the Entire Time I Filmed Teen Mom

Amber Portwood is going clean about her previous drug usage, according to CBS. Since her release from prison last month, theTeen Mom actress has granted an exclusive interview to Dr. Phillips. The appearance will be broadcast on Friday, December 20th. I’m a little scared since this is my first time performing on stage since I became clean,” Portwood said. In addition, she stated that she was “high every time you see me on that show.” In her subsequent statement, the MTV reality star said that she had overused the opioid Fentanyl while in recovery.

  • Phil, “I’m not trying to give anyone any ideas, but let’s just say you can, and it doesn’t show up until you submit it to a lab.” Portwood said she had no clue what she was talking about.
  • It is quite hazardous.
  • It’s similar to a three-day bandage.
  • With a buddy, or with whoever she happened to be.” Moreover, she revealed that she had been high while on house arrest and when she beat up her then-boyfriend Gary Shirley in the past.
  • Portwood was serving a five-year term as a consequence of her arrest on narcotics possession charges in December 2011 and subsequent conviction.
  • 4, the 23-year-old looked to be overjoyed at the prospect of reuniting with her family and close friends.
  • No, not completely.
  • According to a representative for the jail, Portwood engaged in a substance addiction treatment program and received credits for her good behavior while in custody.

Amber Portwood Gets 5-Year Sentence, Goes to Rehab Instead

Amber Portwood is likely to prefer a rehab term over spending years in prison in this situation. Initial court proceedings resulted in a harsh five-year jail sentence for the Teen Mom. According to the Long Island Press, she was sentenced to three years in prison for a narcotics offense and two years in prison for a probation violation. Portwood is now being held in detention. Since last month, the reality television star has been incarcerated in Indiana. She agreed to a plea bargain with prosecutors in which she would do her sentence in a rehabilitation center rather than a prison cell.

  1. At that moment, she will be freed from detention and transported to the right institution for further treatment.
  2. As a result, it is still unknown when Portwood will begin her therapy.
  3. She was once spotted on camera assaulting her then-fiancé Gary Shirley, who she had at the time.
  4. A lady was struck by her after she had consumed alcohol in a restaurant.
  5. Aside from that, Portwood failed to establish a college trust fund for her daughter.
  6. Portwood will have to make every effort to finish the rehabilitation program without incident.

If she does not, she may find herself back in prison. Amber Portwood, a teen mother, believes that recovery is the best option. Hopefully, she will be able to get her life back on track after she is freed from prison. Resources that are related to this topic:

  • After being condemned to five years in jail, Amber Portwood was granted a stay of execution. (Reality TV World) FindLaw’s Celebrity Justice reports that ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood has been arrested for MTV domestic violence. Amber Portwood’s attempted suicide sent her to the hospital, according to FindLaw’s Celebrity Justice
  • Amber Portwood’s attempted suicide sent her to the hospital, according to FindLaw’s Celebrity Justice

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I started partying when I was approximately 11 years old, and that was the first time I used drugs, Amber Portwood confessed in an interview with E! News. Amber Portwood is talking up about the tragic realities of her previous drug misuse. Amber Portwood is opening up about her past drug abuse. On Friday, theTeen Mom OG star, 28, confessed in an interview with theDopey Podcast that she was first introduced to medications when she was a youngster. Receive push notifications with news, features, and other information.

  1. When Portwood was 11 years old, he began taking medications for the first time.
  2. “There isn’t much to do in Anderson,” says the author.
  3. The extent of the damage was unknown to us.” The mother of two admitted that she began “dabbling in partying and hanging out with terrible people” when she was 15 years old.
  4. Her thoughts at the time were “I guess I was just trying to medicate myself, maybe because I was depressed,” she explained.
  5. The fact is that a lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them this, but it’s the truth.” A few months after giving birth to her now 9-year-old daughter, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley, she found herself in a downward spiral once more.
  6. According to CNN, Portwood was sentenced to jail by an Indiana judge in 2012 after she broke the terms of her drug court probation by failing a urine test and lying about the result, according to the news source.
  7. In the years after her release, Portwood has made significant strides in her personal and professional life, and in November 2017, PEOPLE reported that she was expecting her second child, a boy.

‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

Amber Portwood, the star of MTV’s Teen Mom, has been condemned to jail following a long legal battle. After pleading guilty to a felony drug charge earlier this year, Judge David Happe ordered on Tuesday that Portwood, 22, must serve at least two years in an Indiana jail after pleading guilty to the offense. In order to escape jail time, Portwood agreed to a plea agreement that included drug rehab. However, according to CNN, she was kicked out of the facility last month. Portwood, a mother of a three-year-old girl, was arrested on May 24 for failing to comply with the terms of her drug court probation.

Portwood might have been given many chances before her probation was canceled, but she “just chose not to take advantage of them,” Cummings explained.

She may also be eligible for a 30-day sentence reduction if she successfully completes a drug rehabilitation program while in jail.

Gary Shirley, her then-boyfriend and the father of her kid, was frequently witnessed violently assaulting her during their relationship.

Cummings said she was detained again in December after a probation search turned up “a reasonably considerable number of numerous different prescription drugs.” She was released the following month. Shirley is presently in charge of Portwood’s daughter, Leah, who is currently in her custody.

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood ordered to prison

  • Portwood is sentenced to prison by a judge for failing to complete a court-ordered drug treatment program. “I just don’t believe she realized that opting out would result in five years in prison,” the prosecution claims. Apparently, she broke her probation by failing a urine test and then lying about it, according to the prosecution.

MTV’s “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood will spend the next two years or more in an Indiana jail, according to a ruling by Circuit Judge David Happe. Portwood pled guilty to a felony drug charge earlier this year, and Happe sentenced her to two years in prison and two years of probation. The 22-year-old was arrested on May 24 after failing a urine test and then lying to police about it, according to Prosecuting Attorney Rodney Cummings. Although she could have been sentenced to prison under a plea deal that included drug rehab, she chose to leave the program last month.

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She may have been unaware that opting out would result in five years in jail, according to Cummings.

For every day successfully served, inmates receive a one-day reduction in their total sentence.

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Reveals Latest Suicide Attempt, Why She Chose Prison

– On June 7, 2012, Amber Portwood, star of the reality television show “Teen Mom,” has chosen to serve a five-year jail term rather than finish a drug-treatment program. She is now speaking out about her decision, her recent suicide attempt, and how she feels prison will eventually benefit her. “I took 30 Suboxone within three days,” she revealed in an exclusive jailhouse interview with ABC News on Wednesday, detailing her attempt to commit suicide as her life spun out of control. “I took 30 Suboxone within three days,” she claimed.

  • I’d just take four to five pills at a time under my tongue and nod out when I was done.
  • “I had, you know, psychological issues as well.” This was not the 22-year-old Indiana woman’s first attempt at suicide.
  • Last year, she was transported to the hospital after her boyfriend Gary Shirley phoned 911 to report her missing.
  • Her sentence was suspended, however, since she completed a drug rehabilitation program prescribed by the court.
  • In detention, Portwood is scheduled to be transported to prison in the near future, where she might serve the remaining two and a half years of her initial sentence.
  • “I had the impression that there were a lot of eyes on me when I was in the program in my predicament.
  • “I wasn’t even taking my anti-psychotic medicine,” she said.

The life I wanted to live, I thought, was not that of a prisoner.

On an episode of “Teen Mom,” Portwood was also charged with domestic violence after she was seen hitting Shirley, her daughter’s father, on the show.

When Leah was taken away from her, Portwood said to ABC News that she began to “feel downward.” “Because I was a mother, I felt like I had no need to be anywhere or do anything.

as a result of which I began to drink and take drugs since I thought I couldn’t do anything else.

Afraid that Leah would be affected by her mother’s absence while in jail, Portwood said that she hadn’t spent much time with her daughter as a result of her drug court attendance and the fact that she and the baby’s father didn’t have a fixed schedule for when she could see the kid.

And I felt really self-centered.

“It got a little frightening for me,” she said.

It occurred to me as I walked into the courtroom that “if I don’t do anything, someone else is going to do it.” She expressed hope that she will be able to spend more time with her kid when she is incarcerated.

“It wasn’t only because of the program,” she explained.

It was a personal attack.

Despite this, she claims she has no regrets about her decision to spend a portion of her life in prison, but she acknowledges that it was a difficult decision to make.

“I mean, who doesn’t?” she asked.

She, on the other hand, intends to make the most of her confinement.

It is important to remember that “I will be off drugs, I will have an education to help me obtain a job, and you must look for the positives in this bad narrative,” she continued.

The psychologist Dr.


While Portwood does not explicitly attribute her difficulties to her time on “Teen Mom,” she does acknowledge that it played a part.

“You are free to make your own decisions,” she replied.

When she goes out to eat, she says, “it’s like everyone is starring at you and chatting to you and it’s really hard to concentrate.” “You start to feel paranoid.

“I’d reached such a low place that I couldn’t go much lower,” she explained afterwards.

Because of this, understanding why I did what I did is likely to be difficult.” However, even if you intellectually understand this, you are incorrect. You’re 22 years old and you’ve attempted to end your life twice. You are 22 years old and still alive; you do not want to jeopardize your situation.

Amber Portwood Discusses How Bad Her Drug Use Was During the Early Days of ‘Teen Mom’: “I Wasn’t A Good Mom”

“I’ve come to terms with the fact that I was a terrible mother!” In the years since her Gary-punching, pill-popping first seasons on Teen Mom!, Amber Portwood has come a long way. On theDopeypodcast, which addresses drug addiction, the “Teen Mom” star spoke up about her prior drug addiction (and how it played out on “Teen Mom”), as well as her present state of sobriety. The conversation can be seen here. Amber stated that she was not a decent person or a good mother in the early days of ‘Teen Mom.’ Amber also admitted that she was not a good mother in the early days of ‘Teen Mom.’ “For the most part, you can blame the drugs for making me impulsive, but it wasn’t only that,” Amber continued.

  • Back in the day, I was just an enraged individual and a bit of an a**hole.
  • It is her claim that she is parenting differently with her son because she is not on medications, as she was when Leah was a child, that she is doing so.
  • My selfishness and immaturity meant that I wasn’t properly caring for her in the manner I should have,” says the author.
  • “I want her to understand that she has to put in the effort,” Amber remarked.
  • ‘We have the money in two different accounts that we have put up specifically for her, and it is just sitting there waiting for her,’ Amber explained.
  • Amber admitted that she has been partying since she was eleven years old.
  • A lot of the students at school were usually bringing s**t from home with them.

she said that she had taken “a lot of opioids and stuff like that.” “At the time, I believe I was attempting to self-medicate.” I was probably sad at the time, and things simply started to spin out of control.

Amber stated that she was back on opiates roughly six months after giving birth to Leah, according to Amber.

“I’ve begun taking medicine for my back since I have scoliosis,” Amber shared her experience.

‘Here’s the thing: I’d been doing this stuff long before MTV came around, and I don’t see any reason to stop now,’ she explained.

I constantly attempt to explain to people that the money didn’t make a difference because, clearly, I had greater resources to procure narcotics.

“I was able to accomplish it because I had the funds.” Amber stated that hydrocodone was her preferred medication.

“I’d probably do 10 to 20 hydros,” says the author.

“I never went out of my way to find it or purchase it.” Amber claims that when she wasn’t using medications, she was out kicking asses and getting into confrontations with other people.

Being booted out of bars is a common occurrence.

The photographs of me beating up a female in IHOP are all over the internet!

In her own words, “I don’t think I really started to identify as an addict until after I was in prison.” Amber claimed that when she was in prison, she had her entitled buttocks smacked in the face by the authorities.

“It was a humbling experience,” says the author.

According to her, “Being on ‘Teen Mom’ has revealed to me who I truly am as a human being.” Because they were some of the worst moments of my life, and they were shown on television, Amber described the experience as “extremely horrific to witness.” The situation is upsetting, and you desire to utilize again as a result of it.

  • ‘I believe people are expecting me to say when I hit Gary, but that’s not what happened,’ she explained.
  • It was really painful to realize that I had made the wrong decision, and that it was having a negative impact on Leah.
  • “I was heavily drinking on top of my bipolar and borderline medication,” Amber tweeted in March.
  • However it happened and I went through hard times in order to be truly happy finally.” These days, Amber says she is in a much better place, but she still drinks on occasion.
  • It’s definitely not everyday, it’s not every month….
  • “Here was my thought process that made no sense whatsoever.
  • I was drinking to the point where I was drunk and that was my life… I’ve been through too much to even get back to that point.” Amber hinted that ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans may see a new-and-improved Amber on the upcoming season of the show,which premieres October 1.
  • “I can say that today.
  • “I’m really happy.

“I think I helped as many as I couldon ‘Teen Mom.’ I would love to keep helping people on ‘Teen Mom’ but I just feel like the show might be moving a different direction than where I thought it was going.” She hinted her next project is “impactful and personal” but wouldn’t go into specific details.

“Whatever I do, I want to do it on a large scale so it can really impact a lot of lives,” Amber said. “I feel like with ‘Teen Mom’ I was able to do that, but I want to do more.” (Photos: MTV, Instagram)

Amber Portwood – Wikipedia

Amber Leann Portwood
Born Anderson,Indiana, U.S.
Partner(s) Gary Shirley (2008–2011) Andrew Glennon (2017–2019)
Children 2

Amber Leann Portwood is a reality television celebrity from the United States who was previously convicted of a crime. In 2009, she was cast in the reality television series16 and Pregnant, which captured the pregnancies and initial months of parenting for numerous young females. She is from Anderson, Indiana, and is well-known for her role in the show. Portwood came to the public’s notice in 2010 after an episode of the show showed Portwood’s domestic abuse against her husband, Gary Shirley.

She then proceeded to mistreat her third lover, Andrew Glennon, as well.

In March 2015, Portwood and her co-stars Maci McKinney, Catelynn Baltierra, and Farrah Abraham returned to MTV for the fifth season of the program, which was renamedTeen Mom OG after the show’s original title.

Personal life

Amber Leann Portwood is the daughter of Tonya and Shawn Edwin Portwood Sr. (1964–2014), and the granddaughter of Shawn Edwin Portwood Sr. Besides her brother Shawn Edwin Portwood Jr., a retired United States Army officer, she has a sister Candace Portwood (1995–1996), who died when she was a child. Portwood revealed to the press that she had been neglected by her mother while she was in her early adolescence, following her mother’s liaison with another man. When she became pregnant, she was unable to continue her education at Anderson High School.

For a period, Portwood and Shirley were engaged, but they eventually divorced, with Shirley receiving full custody of Leah in December 2011.

The relationship between Portwood and Matt Baier, an amateur DJ whom she met on the social networking siteTwitter, lasted from 2014 until 2017.

In addition to bipolar illness and borderline personality disorder, Portwood has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Legal issues

On MTV, Portwood’s aggressive behavior with her child’s father Gary Shirley was shown in many episodes, the most notable of which was a September 2010 broadcast depicting an assault in which Shirley declined to physically defend himself, leading to his injury. The MTV crew did not interfere in Portwood’s attacks, and they also did not report the crimes to the authorities, which resulted in his death. The Anderson, Indiana, police department and the city’s branch of the state’s Child Protective Services were notified of the incident by concerned viewers of the footage when it was broadcast, several weeks after the incidents occurred.

  • Shirely was punched, slapped, and choked in the episode, and Portwood booted him in the back as he climbed a flight of stairs, according to the episode.
  • According to police, they raided Portwood’s flat and discovered “material that requires further investigation,” but they did not say what they had discovered; it was later revealed that Portwood had been arrested with a big quantity of marijuana and crack cocaine.
  • In connection with separate incidences of on-camera assault of Shirley, Portwood was charged with three charges of domestic violence, including two felonies, on November 18 following an intensive investigation.
  • “We are collaborating with all parties and hope for a speedy and fair resolution that allows everyone involved to move ahead in a good manner,” the statement said.
  • When Portwood was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, she was charged with violating her probation on her earlier domestic-violence charges.
  • She was detained without bond in the Madison County Jail until her arraignment on both charges on January 27, 2012, at which point she entered a guilty plea and the court set a sentence hearing for February 6, 2012, in the same year.
  • As a result of failing to submit to a necessary drug test in March 2012, Portwood violated the corresponding term of her suspended sentence and put herself at risk of having her five-year suspended sentence revoked.

The judge in the case declined to reimpose any portion of the suspended sentence and instead ordered Amber to complete 30 days of daily drug testing.

She began serving her five-year term on June 13, 2012, and was required to attend substance addiction programs and complete her GED during this time.

Phil, a talk program hosted by Dr.

It was her claim that she had been released from jail early owing to her excellent behavior and that she now held a high school diploma.

She also stated that she was completely sober and has no intention of ever using again.

She has also founded a non-profit organization to assist teenagers in abstaining from drug use.

Portwood was freed from jail the next day after posting a $2,000 bond and posting bail the following day.

In October of this year, Portwood entered a guilty plea to two felony charges of domestic assault and intimidation and was sentenced to 906 days of community supervision.

If Portwood fails to comply with the terms of her probation, she will be sentenced to five years in jail. In addition, she must attend 26 weeks of parenting seminars.


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‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Smart Decision to Ask for a Prison Sentence

Amber Portwood, the former MTV reality star of Teen Mom, has sparked a lot of discussion on the Internet recently because of her very unusual request that drug-court Judge David Happe sentence her to prison because she believes she “will never be sober”—which is a catastrophic self-indictment. Earlier this month, Portwood appeared in front of the judge because she had fallen out of a court-ordered recovery program in late May, which was a blatant breach of her probationary terms. Although she has been alive for a few years now, her life has been a protracted, drug-fueled voyage that was doomed to fail at some point in the near future.

They were in the presence of their daughter, Leah, and the MTV cameras were rolling when the incident occurred.

After then, it was one drug-fueled episode after another, and Amber eventually ended up in rehab with a possible jail term hanging over her shoulder.

Because she had to be aware that her urine would come back unclean, she may have thought it was unnecessary to ask the judge to sentence her to jail.

But he may have been persuaded to give Portwood one final opportunity.

Her honesty is something I appreciate and despise at the same time.

Amber Portwood, on the other hand, is far from the first drug addict to approach a court and seek to be imprisoned.

When I was in jail, more than one individual confided in me that they were certain they would not be alive if they had not been imprisoned.

While logic would suggest that more narcotics would be available in lower-security prison camps, this is simply not the case in reality.

In order to avoid being arrested for drug possession, they do not want to take the chance of being written up.

The illegal material most commonly used in these situations is marijuana; an ounce of mediocre pot that may sell for $300 on the street will earn $3,000 in a joint, according to statistics.

Sadly, for a greater number of people than anybody may believe, outpatient treatment that is just short-term does not work; they must be institutionalized and forcefully restrained from acting on their overwhelming need to get high until they gain the resolve to resist drugs.

and in fact, some people never do.

According to her own admission, she began taking downers when she was 12 or 13 years old, which, for some reason, makes it much more difficult to break the addiction; the “pull” of drugs for this demographic is quite powerful.

It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of their numbers, and as options for meaningful professions for young people in this nation become scarcer and boredom sets in, that number will only grow, and grow significantly.

“Heroin addiction is like having a double-barreled shotgun in your mouth with your finger on the trigger.

remarked when he was brought before a court for his addiction for the second time. Amber Portwood’s health is in my thoughts and prayers, and I’m pushing for her to get better. Her prayers will be very appreciated; she will require as many as possible.

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