What Is Rehab Optima? (TOP 5 Tips)

Rehab Optima helps therapists’ focus more on patient care and spend less time on the computer. This program provides integration with your current documentation system. Rehab Optima helps prevent a Medicare denials and ARDs through its compliance with Medicare guidelines.


What is Optima software?

Optima is an easy-to-use, powerful case and volunteer management software, designed by CASA experts with over four decades of real-life CASA management, technical and data security experience. We are the leading CASA management software in the market, loved by over 60,000 very happy advocates.

Is Rehab Optima easy to use?

Overall Optima is a full service, easy to use SNF therapy software program.

How do I discharge my rehab Optima?

END TRACK Click End Track when the patient is ready to be discharged. End Track must be pressed for each discipline with an open therapy track. END CASE Once all therapy tracks are ended, the End Case button activates. Click this button to end the entire case.

How do I log into rehab Optima?

When the product has completed downloading you will be presented with the “Rehab Optima Login” dialog box. To login the first time you will enter the “ User Name” and “Password ” provided to you by your corporation. When you have entered the correct user name and password click the “Login” button.

What is Optima database?

Optima is an online database where you can manage case information, CEUs, and your personal contact information. Optima is also a tool to keep all case related information in a confidential and secure place.

What documentation system does select rehab use?

PDPM Solutions | Select Rehabilitation.

What is Giftrap?

to wrap (something), as a package, with decorative paper, ribbon, etc., for presentation as a gift. noun. giftwrapping.

Optima Therapy for SNFs: EMR & Billing Software Overview Video

Automatic application of codes and modifiers, as well as configurable alarms and guardrails, ensure that your documentation is on track from the beginning of the process.

Precise Billing enables faster and more accurate reimbursement and ensures compliance

In order to optimize your billing process, you should configure distinct payer plans to allow different contractual rates or to demand certain modifiers. You should also provide reports that compare payer groups.

Proactive Regulatory Readiness provides peace-of-mind that you will always be compliant and thrive

We provide you with the information and education you need to prepare for major industry changes, such as PDPM, months in advance. We assist you in making the shift to PDPM.

Highly Configurable System improves efficiency and security

Create your own preferences, such as specifying role-based access to optimize workflow and provide notifications for things like missed exams, G-codes that are due, or therapists’ credentials that are about to expire.

Efficient Scheduling saves time and gets your therapists matched with the right patients at the right time

An automated appointment book sets a schedule in a single click and identifies instances where treatment is performed outside of the plan-of-care, where RUG overages are present, or where papers are due.

Measurable Outcomes helps you negotiate better rates with SNFs and payers

Results that are accurate Data from start-of-care and discharge evaluations is automatically brought into the reporting system, and the option to submit data directly to OutcomeMeasures.org allows for national benchmark comparisons to be made.

Powerful Insight fuels actionable decisions and saves time

Easy-to-understand, configurable dashboards that provide instant views of important indicators derived from correct data and enable for interactive drill-down to compare data by location, each therapist or other categories.

Flexible Mobility improves therapists’ productivity and reduces non-billable documentation time

Therapists may document while treating patients on the go, using nearly any device they want.

Expansive Interoperability saves time and improves precision

ADT, documentation, and billing data may be exchanged with more than 30 software systems—including leading SNF EMRs such as PointClickCare, American HealthTech, MatrixCare, and Cerner. An exclusive treatment dashboard is included into the PointClickCare EMR.

Our therapy software is supported by experts – 92% of calls answered in 2 minutes

In less than 2 minutes, our educated and courteous team can answer 92 percent of your calls and can remotely access your system to both resolve and educate you on the difficulties you are experiencing. Effective support allows you to go back to running your business more quickly.

Our therapy software is used nationwide by 11,000 sites

The confidence that comes from knowing you are working with a trusted partner comes from being an innovative market leader. The company has been a pioneer in the development of innovative technologies such as corporate intelligence, physician eSignature, and national outcome measures for over 25 years.

Smooth Implementation guarantees a successful transition

Within 60 days or less, our proven methods and industry experts will lead you through the transition from your present system and processes to Optima Therapy for SNFs. Visit our Optima Therapy for SNFs product page for additional information on the treatment of severe neuropsychiatric disorders.

What is rehab optima?

Ms. Blanca McClure posed the question. 4.4 out of 5 stars (24 votes) Using Rehab Optima, therapists may devote more time to patient care while spending less time on the computer.

This tool allows you to integrate your current documentation system with this one. Rehab Optima’s compliance with Medicare rules helps to reduce Medicare denials and readmissions to the hospital (ARDs).

Is Rehab Optima an EMR?

Rehab Optima has been our go-to EMR since we made the switch from paper to electronic records more than seven years ago.

What is Giftrap client application?

Rehab Optima is a product produced by the business Optima Healthcare Solutions, and this file is a part of that product. A description of this file may be found at Rehab Optima. This is a file that can be executed. It appears in Task Manager as the process giftrap, and you may terminate it there.

How do I log into rehab Optima?

Logging into Rehab Optima: Begin by logging into a facility computer that is running Rehab Optima. Look for the Rehab Optima symbol on the computer’s desktop in the rehabilitation facility. When you click on the symbol, you will be sent to a login screen.

When should GG tab be completed?

Section GG Admission Assessments must be completed within three days of the commencement date of the PPS Track. All patients must have a self-care and mobility evaluation performed on them. There were 38 questions that were connected.

How do I reset my rehab Optima password?

Support from Optima Healthcare Solutions is unable to reset your password. If you need your passwords reset, please contact your company’s IT department. If you sign in with an erroneous username and/or password, you will be prompted that you have entered an Invalid User Name or Password when you first log in.

Optima Rehabilitation

We are looking forward to being a member of your care team. Throughout our website, you will discover information, news, and printable forms to make scheduling your initial visit and receiving treatment with us even more convenient. More information can be found at

Our Specialties

Our skilled therapists provide treatment for vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation claims, sports injuries, chronic or delayed recovery from a variety of musculoskeletal and post-surgical illnesses, as well as chronic or delayed healing from a variety of other conditions. More information can be found at

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MedX Technology

It has been clinically proved that MedX spinal rehabilitation equipment may be effective even when other conservative physical therapy programs have been unsuccessful. More information can be found at

A World of Difference

PreviousnextHealth Tips from the Optima Team Do you have medical insurance? Obtaining at least $25,000 in Medical Payments coverage is also recommended by us. This is a little supplementary price that preserves your access to treatment while also preventing the injured person from having to pay large deductibles, co-pays, and out-of-pocket expenditures on his or her own. Neutral stance in terms of ergonomics Knowing how to maintain a neutral posture is critical in deciding the most effective approach to configure a computer workstation.

Which is better, ice or heat?

Find out when each approach is appropriate, as well as critical safety considerations to follow.

Optima Therapy for SNFs Software

As a result of the firm being bought by Net Health, whenever I contact support, the phone keeps ringing and then a message comes on saying that there is no one available to answer your calls, and the line is disconnected. When you send an email to the support staff, you may not receive a response for several weeks. The quality of the support team has deteriorated significantly; there are only two or three people on the entire team who are knowledgeable about the software; the remainder have no knowledge and have clearly not been trained; one representative told me that they are supposed to learn as they go, so most of the time you are forced to wait while they read a manual.

Unfortunately, most features are spewed out by the development team while they are still in the early stages of development.

In the demo, marketing glosses over screenshots of how the apparently functional features are meant to work; but, when you really get to use the application, you get many issues and receive no help.

Consequently, I have a Revenue analysis report that has an erroneous amount of treatments delivered.

Net Health to Acquire Rehab Software Provider Optima Healthcare Solutions

Net Health, a provider of outpatient software, stated on Tuesday that it intends to purchase Optima Healthcare Solutions, therefore increasing its footprint in the post-acute care business. In a statement, Net Health — a Pittsburgh-based company that provides software platforms for about 3,000 urgent care, physical therapy, and other outpatient clinics across the country — described the acquisition as a strategic move to expand its reach into Optima’s customer base of contract therapy companies, skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and hospices.

Optima CEO Josh Pickus will initially join the combined company — which will continue to operate under the Net Health name — as president and chief integration officer, eventually taking over as CEO once the merger process is completed; Sanzo will then assume the role of executive chairman.

As Pickus stated in a statement, “this deal will enable us to expand our mission of providing the cross-continuum care patients deserve and that our healthcare system need.” In all, the amalgamated Net Health would have its software in 14,000 locations across North America, with offices in six states, according to the company’s website.

Optima received stock capital from two of Net Health’s private-equity investors, Level Equity and The Carlyle Group, despite the fact that the parties did not disclose the amount of money Net Health spent for the company.

Net Health will utilize the capital received from Level Equity and Carlyle as part of its post-merger restructuring to create new software internally and, if necessary, make other acquisitions.

After work, he spends his free time reading nonfiction and experimenting in the kitchen, drinking whiskey and scotch in any quantity, and screaming at Mets games from his couch – sometimes all at the same time.

RehabOptima Reviews (12 Reviews) – RehabOptima Community Feedback Score: 2.58 – Feb 2022

I was under the impression that it was just me, but I completely agree. It is sapping my productivity to the point where I am considering quitting myself. As a physical therapist with more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, I used Rehab Optima and Casamba. It was great when it was an online web-based product, but they are constantly shutting it down and making modifications, and it is taking an increasing amount of time to produce the documentation for it. This, in turn, has a negative impact on Productivity, which results in you, the Therapist, being screamed at for taking so long to finish paperwork.

I’d like to recommend two things.

If something isn’t broken, why bother fixing it?

As a result, be compassionate toward your therapist, who is doing everything she can to help you, and genuinely listen to us when we state that It Is Out of Our Control.

Behavioral Health and ARTS

I was under the impression that it was just me, but I am completely wrong about that. The fact that it is destroying Productivity has made me want to leave as well. When I was working as a Rehabilitation Therapist in the healthcare industry, I utilized Rehab Optima and Casamba software. I enjoyed Rehab Optima since it was an online web-based solution, but they are always shutting down or making modifications, which means that documentation takes an increasing amount of time to complete. Because of this, Productivity suffers, and you as the therapist are shouted at for taking so long to complete the documentation.

  1. Not to mention the fact that it is always being shut down for updates for this and upgrades for that.
  2. Firstly, Rehab Optima, please do not remove the program.
  3. 2) Please, before you start ranting at your therapist about Productivity, please complete a documentation from start to finish and time yourself to see how long it takes you to complete.
  4. Reply
  • Are accessible to members who are under the age of twenty-one
  • You should make certain that the member’s family or caregiver is taught to assist the person in the home and community by utilizing the skills they gained while actively engaging in programs.

When paired with other services such as intensive in-home services, mental health skill-building services, psychological rehabilitation, multisystemic therapy, functional family therapy, partial hospitalization program, or assertive community treatment, ABA may not be effective.

Accessing Medicaid Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health member services may be reached at 1-757-552-7174 for Optima Family Care members and at 1-757-552-7580 for Optima Health Community Care members, or at 1-888-946-1168 for both Optima Family Care and Optima Health Community Care members.

How to Access Non-Emergency Transportation Services

If you don’t have access to transportation, you can arrange for a ride to take you to an appointment for a covered service when you need one. In order to schedule a ride, call Southeastrans at 1-877-892-3986 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. It is necessary to arrange trips at least five business days in advance of the trip. Weekends and holidays are not included in the calculation of these days.

Behavioral Health Services Administrator (BHSA)

A number of mental health treatments, such as children’s residential treatment and therapeutic foster care case management, are covered for you by Magellan of Virginia, which serves as the Department of Medical Assistance Services’ behavioral health services administrator (BHSA) (DMAS). It is possible to get assistance from the Optima Health member services department in coordinating the services you require, including those provided via the BHSA.

Mental Health Services and Trauma Informed Care

Hospitalization for standard inpatient and partial inpatient mental hospitalization are covered by Optima Health. The term “mental health services” refers to services such as Enhanced Behavioral Health (EBH) and Mental Health Case Management. These programs are available to members who have been exposed to potentially traumatic situations in the past. Trauma is defined as a series of intense and overpowering experiences that result in significant loss, threat, or injury to a person’s bodily and/or mental well-being or both.

They might be caused by a single traumatic incident or they can be repeated over a period of time.

Providers who are part of the Optima Health network provide services to members using a trauma-informed care framework and are prepared to collaborate with members.

Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS)

Optima Health provides a wide range of services to persons who are struggling with substance abuse, including alcohol and drug addiction. Addiction is a medical condition that requires treatment. Many people struggle with addiction and can benefit from professional help. If you are in need of addiction treatment, we can provide you with services to assist you. The following ARTS services are covered by Optima Health:

  • Inpatient acute detoxification hospitalization
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Group home/halfway house
  • Residential treatment facility services
  • Substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment
  • Outpatient substance abuse treatment (individual, family, and group)
  • Opioid treatment services (which include individual and group counseling, family therapy, and medication administration)
  • Substance abuse peer specialist services
  • And other services.

Addiction to prescription or non-prescription drugs is also covered under the program’s medication-assisted treatment provision. Providing peer services is done by someone who has gone through a similar situation and is now in recovery. Members can also benefit from the services of a care coordinator.

Accessing Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS)

Contact your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or Optima Health’s care coordinator to determine the best treatment choice for you and how to obtain assistance in obtaining treatment for addiction and recovery programs. You can use any of the following methods to locate an ARTS provider:

  • Visit our website at optimahealth.com, or call your Optima Health Care Coordinator. You can also call Behavioral Health member services at 1-757-552-7174 for Optima Family Care members, 1-757-552-7580 for Optima Health Community Care members, or 1-888-946-1168 for both Optima Family Care and Optima Health Community Care members.
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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or if you are interested in learning more about ARTS in general.

We hope you will take use of these services, which are provided as a courtesy and are free of charge to you to use.

Prior Authorizations for Behavioral Health and ARTS

Prior service authorisation is required for the following services at Optima Health:

  • Admissions to mental health and drug abuse treatment facilities on a total basis, including partial hospitalization, residential treatment, substance addiction group home / halfway house therapy, and intense outpatient substance abuse services

Before providing any of the following mental health treatments, we require prior service authorization:

  • Coordination of mental health services: Services to assist you in locating necessary medical, social, educational, and other resources
  • Therapeutic day treatment services for children (TDT) are provided in the following ways: Services for children who are suffering from serious behavioral issues. It gives students with two hours of counseling every day, either during or after the school day. Workers will assist with medication education, the development of daily living skills, the development of social skills, individual, group, and/or family therapy, and the coordination of care. Beginning on July 1, 2021, a new extended-stay hospitalization service will be available (MH-PHP) This program is for both children and adults, and it is intended to assist in the prevention of mental hospitalization as well as the support of such hospitalization. It can also serve as a transitional service for members who have recently returned from a psychiatric hospital stay and require additional therapy. One of the team members will work with him or her 20 hours a week, five days a week in intensive therapy
  • ** Mobile Crisis: A rapid response service that reacts to behavioral health crises, which will be available starting on December 1, 2021. This service is concerned with ensuring safety and referring clients to mental health services and assistance
  • ** Community Stabilization: A short-term program aimed to assist members during times of distress, which will be available starting on December 1, 2021. They will try to establish alternative mental health services, keep an eye out for safety problems, educate members who are experiencing a mental health crisis, and assist them in establishing a support system for themselves. Beginning on December 1, 2021, a new EBH service will be available: 24-Hour Crisis Stabilization: This program provides members with more time to determine whether they require hospitalization for a mental health crisis or whether another mental health service may be able to assist them
  • ** Beginning on December 1, 2021, a NEW EBH service will be available: Residential Crisis Stabilization. It is a short-term residential program that is one step down from inpatient psychiatric treatment in a hospital. This service is designed to assist members in navigating a mental health crisis and locating community resources
  • ** NEW EBH Service beginning 7/1/2021 Assertive Community Treatment (ACT): This service provides long-term treatment, rehabilitation, and support to members suffering from severe mental illness, as well as 24-hour on-call support
  • ** NEW EBH Service beginning 7/1/2021 Assertive Community Treatment (ACT): This service provides long-term treatment, rehabilitation, and support to members suffering from severe mental illness, as well EBH Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Services (MH-IOP): A service offered when a member is at danger of mental hospitalization. This service will be available starting on July 1, 2020. Members between the ages of 6 and 17 would receive 6 hours per week of extremely rigorous counseling. The treatment would consist of nine hours of rigorous therapy each week for adults over the age of 18
  • Mental Health Skill-Building Services (MHSS): This service is for members who have major mental disorders and need assistance in learning how to better their lives so that they will require less assistance in the future. Individuals learn how to accomplish basic daily living activities, comprehend why medicine is needed and how to take it, recognize health concerns and how to care for them, maintain healthy diet, and maintain physical fitness. The Intensive In-Home Services program is for individuals under the age of 21 who are at risk of being evicted from their current residence. It is generally intense and only lasts a brief period of time. The purpose of the service is to assist the family in learning how to get along, to serve as a role model, and to strengthen relationships within the family. Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services: This service is provided to groups of people in the community who are in need of help. Services include gaining self-sufficiency skills, developing interpersonal relationships, and learning how to get along with people. It takes two or more hours a day, several days a week
  • It is a full-time job. The following are examples of mental health peer support services: Services are delivered by someone who has lived experience with mental health issues and/or drug use disorders and has been successful in their continuing recovery. The service assists the member by providing resources and encouraging self-help activities. It can be provided either individually or in groups
  • **NEW EBH Service beginning 12/1/2021 Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST): This service is provided in the home and community to children ages 11–17 who have extremely severe behavioral problems. It is provided in the home and community to children ages 11–17 who have extremely severe behavioral problems. Its primary focus is on overcoming barriers to behavior change, safety planning, and crisis intervention in the community. This service requires referrals from agencies such as juvenile justice and mental health as well as schools and the child welfare system. ** Beginning on December 1, 2020, a new EBH service will be available. Children ages 11-18 can benefit from functional family therapy (FFT), which is a home-based program that provides assistance with behavioral or emotional difficulties, particularly those associated with co-occurring drug use disorders. It focuses on the entire family in order to better identify risk and protective variables. This service requires referrals from agencies such as juvenile justice and mental health as well as schools and the child welfare system.

Members of Optima Family Care can call Behavioral Health member services at 1-757-552-7174, while members of Optima Health Community Care can call 1-757-552-7580. Members of both Optima Family Care and Optima Health Community Care can call the toll free line at 1-888-946-1168. Those accepted to a Therapeutic Group Home (TGH) will not be barred from participating in the Medallion 4.0 or CCC Plus programs; however, the TGH per diem service has been “carved out” of the Medallion 4.0 and CCC Plus contracts and will be handled by Magellan of Virginia.

Casamba vs. Net Health/Optima: Which is the Right Choice for Your Therapy Team? — Seagrove Rehab Partners

In addition, Casamba offers each facility with access to a Computer-Based Training (CBT) curriculum that will lead them through crucial CBT films that are allotted to them based on their position. Aside from that, they also give Quick cards for staff, Directors of Rehabilitation (DORs), and corporate positions, each of which has step-by-step instructions for executing key duties. Sessions on best practice processes, as well as a Q & A session for each job, are also accessible on the schedule.

  1. As a further resource, “Lunch and Learn” webinars are held on a regular basis and are targeted specifically for DOR employees.
  2. The onboarding procedure for Net Health is a little different than the approach for Casamba.
  3. If everything else fails, like with Casamba, there is still the option of contacting the Help Desk.
  4. The fact that Casamba appears to have invested significant resources in that area means both of their customer support offers are now competitive with one another.


It would be difficult to determine a winner in this contest because both firms feature interfaces with all of the main skilled nursing facility nursing software solutions, including American HealthTech (AHT), PointClickCare (PCC), and MatrixCare, among others. Perhaps the most important issue is if there are any additional fees associated with finishing the integration process? Also, seek to see examples of how and when nurses may access therapy paperwork to ensure that it matches the needs of your particular hospital.

Assuming the therapists are paid workers of the facility, they are likely already clocking into a time clock system for the building; in this scenario, requiring them to clock in and out of two time clock systems on a daily basis might result in labor mistakes and additional missed punches.

Almost all facility time clocks (such as Kronos) can be integrated with Casamba and Net Health/Optima, which allows your therapists to clock in and out directly on the platform. This can be another time saver that can aid in the improvement of productivity and the management of productivity.


Overall, it is critical to select a system that has checks and balances in place in order to reduce mistakes and denials as much as possible. Being able to use software with built-in compliance alarms and guardrails that notify therapists of regulatory changes or mistakes will assist staff in completing their paperwork correctly – and it will avoid guffaws like missing appointments or forgetting to take notes. Both organizations place a high priority on being in compliance with Medicare requirements.

They convene a Compliance Forum once a quarter to evaluate any new or proposed changes for your DOR and/or administrative staff, and they invite you to attend.

Physician Signature Tracking

Tracking physician signatures on POCs and UPOCs is critically important for a variety of reasons, including compliance and billing. Casamba’s Online Physician’s Signature Portal Software enables physicians to enter onto their portal and electronically sign papers using their Online Physician’s Signature Portal Software. Your staff will be more productive as a result of eliminating lost time spent faxing and tracking signatures on POCs and UPOCs, and physicians will enjoy the convenience with which they can communicate.

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By incorporating the Clinifax capability into their software, Net Health has gone one step further in enabling the tracking of faxed signatures as well as in-person signings.

If this is done incorrectly, it can cost the provider tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


Many excellent modifications have been made to the scheduling modules of both firms in recent years, and this is a result. It’s one of those areas where your DOR’s time may be put to serious use. Furthermore, the more effectively they can arrange personnel levels based on caseload requirements, the more efficient your department will be able to manage itself. It is possible to complete a schedule that is patient particular, therapist specific, facility specific, or discipline specific using the Casamba software.

Net Health’s intelligent scheduling advice continually evaluates scheduling capacity and notifies staff when a therapist is on the verge of exceeding their maximum capacity for the day.


Nowadays, data is frequently used to ensure the efficient operation of a corporation. In both Casamba and Net Health, there are options for conducting data analysis. Users get access to a number of critical features, including more than 200 reports and customisable dashboards, through Casamba’s Reporting and Dashboards module. One of my favorite features of Casamba is the ability to schedule, auto-generate, and send reports to a specified email address. Casamba Analytics is available to clients that have more stringent criteria and/or demand a more complete PDPM data tracking solution.

  1. By exploiting your data, analytics can assist you in determining the performance of your company and maximizing its potential.
  2. Analytics can assist you in identifying and tracking favorable business trends, while also allowing you to move fast on the information you get.
  3. This is essentially a data warehouse that lets you, the user, to construct any report that you can conceive of using the information contained inside it.
  4. In the same way that the Help Desk has traditionally had an advantage in management reporting and data analytics, we would generally say the same thing about Net Health.

However, Casamba has made significant strides in recent years, making it difficult to predict a clear victor in this category as well.

Reimbursement/Denial Management

As the first significant payment model shift in the skilled nursing facility market in more than two decades, the PDPM has transformed the way therapists manage reimbursement levels and maintain profitability in the business. When you factor in authorization restrictions, claim denials, and rising operational expenditures, it is more critical than ever to file claims accurately the first time. It is possible to set specific payer plans to support contracted rates in both systems, and both systems can automatically transfer charges as needed to guarantee that claims are full and compliant.

User Satisfaction

The most effective software for you is ultimately the program that is intuitive and efficient while still being within your budget. When scheduling patients, it should take into account their choices. It should also follow patient outcomes and provide rapid access to patient information throughout service, even if there is no internet connection available. This is something that both of these systems do. It’s also occasionally a matter of establishing what your team or substitute staff is already comfortable with.

If all of your employees are already familiar with one system, sticking with that system may be the most cost-effective option because you will not have to invest in intensive training to get your whole team up to speed.

However, this may no longer be the case, given the fact that both systems have invested significant resources into bolstering their weaknesses in comparison to their competitors.


In either case, whether you are using a contract therapy provider or a partner to guide your operations, you will want to make certain that your therapy partner is staying on top of software and industry updates and is willing to act as a liaison with your therapy software company in order to make customized updates to improve the settings and performance of your program. However, while both systems are working out of the box, it is a good practice to have someone verify that the relevant documentation procedure is in place, as well as that any necessary adaptations have been performed for your team’s requirements.

Consequently, we are able to verify that therapists’ paperwork is relevant and compliant at the time of claim submission, giving you the highest opportunity of getting paid (and keeping those funds) the first time a claim is submitted.

You should make sure that your treatment partner works on your behalf when updates are required to alter your own licensed copy of the program if you have your own license (rather than having them carry software with them).

In Closing – What have we used and what do we use?

The quick answer is, yes, and no. The members of our clinical team have had hands-on experience with both solutions in the field, and they are now utilizing both options. Since Mark was first introduced to Net Health/Optima years ago when the product was known as “Giftrap,” and we have also utilized Casamba over the years, we have a long history with the company. The Net Health/Optima and Casamba companies are currently a paying customer of Seagrove Rehab Partners, and we have no other financial relationships with them.

No matter the option you pick, having high-quality therapy software for your SNF will save you time and let your therapists to devote their attention to their most essential task: improving the lives of everyone they serve and their loved ones.


A cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software created specifically for physical therapy, speech therapy, and rehabilitation offices, Optima Therapy EMR Software is available now. Clinicians may use it to aid with patient scheduling as well as medical billing, and it is ideal for medical offices of all sizes. In addition, the program provides case management capabilities, including connectors with third-party applications such as MatrixCare, PointClickCare, and HealthMEDX. By utilizing this system, practice managers and physicians may create therapeutic treatment plans that can be customized to fit a wide range of disciplines and diagnostic codes.

  1. Optima Treatment allows therapy notes to be entered even while the computer is not connected to the internet.
  2. In addition, the system handles billing, invoicing, eligibility, rejections, and appeals, as well as e-signatures.
  3. Practice managers and providers can access point-of-care capabilities through the use of mobile devices such as iOS, Android, and Windows.
  4. Because of the built-in safeguards, its makers believe it is the only option available in the market for keeping medical practices in compliance across the full patient life cycle.
  5. This expedites the submission of claims to CMS and allows medical practices to serve a greater number of patients.
  6. Its purpose is to enhance the patient’s overall experience.

The firm claims of supporting more than 9,000 healthcare sites with more than 50,000 users, which prevent medical services from being provided to over 1.8 million patients each year.

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8th of August, 2014 – In addition, R?O Mobile is a point-of-service application that has the potential to dramatically increase the efficiency of therapists as well as the overall quality of their daily work. Page is currently unavailable. The last time it was checked was 42 days ago.

Reliant Rehabilitation Portal

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