What Season Does Leah Go To Rehab? (Solved)

Where did Lea Leah go to rehab?

  • Leah attended a rehab facility in Arizona where she was able to reflect on her experiences, write about her feelings, and receive intensive therapy. She recalled, “Initially, I was angry…the scariest part was knowing what’s to come with detoxing…the clammy skin, the sweats.”


Does Leah go to rehab?

Leah ended up losing custody of her twins for a short period in 2015. She and Corey now share 50/50. The reality star entered a treatment facility after Teen Mom 2 producers viewed GoPro footage of her attempting to commit suicide by driving off a cliff.

When did Leah get addicted to drugs?

Messer became addicted to pills after her doctor prescribed them to manage back pain following the birth of daughter Adalynn in 2013. (Messer shares 10-year-old twins Aliannah and Aleeah with ex Corey Simms, and 7-year-old Adalynn with ex Jeremy Calvert.)

What was Leah addicted to?

Leah confessed in a preview of Teen Mom 2 that she “was addicted to pain medication” — and during this week’s episode, the mother of three elaborated on her painful past and why she was ready to be open about her experience.

What condition does Leah’s daughter have?

Ali was diagnosed with Titin Myotonic muscular dystrophy in 2014, a rare form of progressive weakness disease that had existed in less than 20 cases around the world at the time of her diagnosis.

What drugs did Amber use?

The California-based father claimed he had previously witnessed Portwood under the influence of meth and alleged her Oct. 16 behavior was “substantially similar” to when she allegedly used the addictive stimulant.

How much is Leah from 16 and Pregnant worth?

Leah Messer net worth: Leah Messer is a reality television personality who has a net worth of $50 thousand dollars. Born in Elkview, West Virginia, Leah Messer’s life was chronicled as part of the second season of “16 and Pregnant” on MTV.

What drugs was Mike on in Italy?

His battle with addiction hit a wall, literally and figuratively, when filming in Italy. He had been taking Percocet pills which were not easily accessible in another country. He didn’t realize he was going through withdrawal until he rammed his head into a wall during filming a dramatic episode.

Can Leah’s daughter Ali walk?

In school she does great because she uses her wheelchair.” Even though Victoria reminds Leah that Ali walking at all is a “miracle,” the mom of three replies: “I already think, she’s going to be like, ‘I don’t want a wheelchair,’ because that’s who she is. “We have to protect her too. She can’t fall.

Did Leah finish college?

Best place that I’ve ever went to in my life,” Messer tells PEOPLE. “For me it felt like, as silly as it sounds, I didn’t go to college, so it felt like college for me. …

What is Leah’s daughters life expectancy?

The Teen Mom 2 star shared: “Research is showing a life expectancy of around 70 years, as long as there are no signs of heart or lung failure. She added that she has “hope for a cure.” Leah’s positive outlook comes after she promised her daughter that she would do whatever she could to make life better for her.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Leah Goes to Rehab Amid Drug Problem Accusations

Drugs, arrests, and pet pigs are all part of the daily grind on Teen Mom 2! During the episode of the MTV hit that aired on Thursday, Aug. 27, all four ladies were dealing with their own problems — with the exception of Chelsea Houska, who literally flew in newborn pigs to spice up her story line. However, it was Leah Messer, whose downhill slide forced her to treatment earlier this week, who had the most emotional moments once again. What occurred was as follows: Jenelle Evans, star of Teen Mom 2, speaks with her mother about Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle found herself at a crossroads once more — and this time it wasn’t the funBritney Spears sort.

Because of the ongoing custody battle for Jace, Barbara is in excellent standing, and she is considering rekindling her relationship with Nathan Griffith, who was arrested for domestic abuse in the previous episode.

No, he didn’t strike me, he didn’t kick me down the stairs; he didn’t do any of that.

  1. None of us has done so.
  2. When Jenelle attempted to bring up the subject of her own violent relationship, Barbara retaliated by claiming that Barbara was only keeping Jace away from her out of spite.
  3. “I was a little apprehensive.” Jenelle, on the other hand, had made up her mind.
  4. Unfortunately, he turned the tables on her, telling her that she needed to date other people before choosing whether or not they should continue to be together.
  5. “Please don’t make me go out and look for someone else,” I say.
  6. Kailyn Lowry is a young woman who lives in the United States.
  7. You read it correctly.

We’re moving out of the development because Joe is moving into the development, but I’m not too concerned because we’re not going to be far away,” Kailyn explained.

In response to Kailyn’s question regarding their previous feud, Javi said, “Psh, that was three years ago!” Despite the jokes, Kailyn was still concerned that Jo’s arrival in town might have an impact on her present custody arrangement.

“Isaac is accustomed to his current schedule,” she said to a friend.

Teen Mom 2 follows Chelsea Houska and her boyfriend, Cole DeBaur, as they raise a baby pig together.

Chelsea was in hog heaven.literally, now that her custody battle with ex-husband Adam Lind was finally over.

“Let’s get a pig together!” says everyone.

We’re considered odd by the rest of the world.

“We’ve had a child now,” Chelsea announced proudly.

I waited until I was with someone who assured me that I would be able to accomplish it.” Fortunately, Cole didn’t appear to be troubled by Chelsea’s new pronouncement, and the quartet — which included Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree — enjoyed spending time with their new addition in his pigpen of a room, which he had built himself.

  • Leah Messer is a model and actress.
  • During this week’s episode, the problematic mother was admitted to a treatment center.
  • She met with her ex-husband, Corey Simms, and his wife, Miranda, to discuss the best way to care for Corey and Leah’s twin girls while she was away on a business trip.
  • “I’m not going to claim I was a horrible mother,” Leah stated emphatically in defense of herself.
  • Corey, on the other hand, was not persuaded.
  • According to the gossip in town, she takes “everything and anything she can get her hands on,” Corey stated, referring to the mother of his children.
  • “I had to leave my infants for a month,” Leah said to her mother through tears.
  • The person I used to be is drifting away into obscurity.
  • It is my inner self that is calling out for assistance.

It is the person I know I can be and will be again.” We’d like to know what you thought of this week’s episode. Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV on Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to have access to all of our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews!

Teen Mom Leah Messer shares scary photos from drug addiction days in new post

Leah Messer, a teen mom who admitted to “blacking out” for years, has released terrifying photographs from her drug addiction days in a recent Instagram post. During the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, the reality television star will speak up about her troubled background. 8 Leah has released some fresh photos from her drug-abusing days on social media. Image courtesy of Instagram 8 In the photographs, she appears emaciated and sickly. (Photo courtesy of Instagram) Leah, 28, took to Instagram to express her thoughts on National Recovery Month, as well as photos of herself in which her addiction could be seen most clearly.

  • Her face was sunken in another photograph, and she appeared to have deep, black bags under her eyes.
  • 8 Leah just published a book in which she discusses her drug addiction (photo courtesy of Instagram).
  • The Sun got an exclusive extract from Leah’s new book before it was published in April, in which she claimed that she had been unconscious for several years.
  • Her children Ali and Aleeah, 10, with ex-husband Corey Simms, and Addie, 7, with ex-spouse Jeremy Calvert, were frequently videotaped slurring her words and dozing off in the middle of a sentence while appearing on the reality television show.

(Photo courtesy of MTV) According to what she stated in the book, “the strange thing is, I wasn’t even aware that I was so out of it when they were filming.” In spite of the fact that I’ve been taking several medications, I’m not a drug addict.” In her memoir, Leah describes how she received a “botched” spinal tap after having a C-section with her daughter Addie back in 2013.

She also took Diazepam for her anxiousness, which she described as “truly knocking me out” in her journal entry.

Image courtesy of MTV Leah said that she would awaken with “severe” spinal headaches the next morning.

Now I’m beginning to suspect that they could be a contributing factor to the problem.” Just wanting to feel normal is all I want, but I’m either in so much physical agony that I can’t get up, or I’m so hazy from the medications that I appear to be a drug addict.” When she attempted to discontinue taking the medications, she had flu-like symptoms, including body pains and nausea, for a few days.

  • Image courtesy of MTV Weaning herself off the medicine was something she attempted with the assistance of her mother (who is a registered nurse) and stepfather (also a qualified nurse).
  • She would take them because of the excruciating agony she was experiencing.
  • Despite the fact that others would claim I was the one who did things.
  • Image courtesy of MTV According to the episode, Corey and his wife Miranda accused Leah of drug usage; however, she categorically disputed the accusations.
  • If I make a mistake, even a small one, it might give the twins’ father ammo to use against me in order to get custody of them.” In 2015, Leah was forced to relinquish custody of her twins for a brief period of time.

She and Corey have now split the money 50/50. After Teen Mom 2 producers saw GoPro footage of her attempting to commit herself by driving off a cliff, the reality star checked herself into a rehab center for mental health issues.

Was Leah Messer from Teen Mom on drugs?

She discusses her drug use in her book, Hope, Grace, and Faith, as well as how she made sure she was not under the influence while filming in order to prevent losing custody of her girls. Hope, Grace, and Faith During her C-section with Addie in 2013, she believes she had a “botched” spinal tap that caused her problems. Her suffering was so severe that she was administered opioid pain relievers such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Tylenol. Additionally, she took Diazepam to help with her anxiety, which, according to her in the book, “truly knocked me out.” The drugs, according to Leah, caused her to wake up with “severe” spinal headaches, and when she tried to quit taking them, she had flu-like symptoms such as body pains and nausea.

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When Leah initially arrived to recovery, she was admitted to the hospital for detoxification. The event, she described as “miserable,” because she had been suffering from cold chills, nausea, and diarrhea for three days straight. When she was released from the hospital, she moved into a hostel and enrolled in the Trauma Recovery track, where she would get individual and group treatment. She stated that coming to therapy was the “greatest decision” she had ever made in her life. To summarize, she wrote at the conclusion of the book, “I’m still working on myself, evolving as a person, and aiming to be the best mother I can be.” It is impossible for me to control what life throws at us, but what I can do is educate my kids to live their lives with hope, grace, and trust,” she says.

Teen Mom Leah Messer confesses she ‘blacked out’ for years during painkiller addiction

Leah Messer, actress of TEEN Mom 2, claimed she “blacked out” for years while addicted to pills, but she denied drug usage on camera in order to keep custody of her two girls. The Sun has secured an exclusive excerpt from Leah’s new memoir, Hope, Grace, and Faith, in which she finally opens up about her drug addiction after years of denying she had a problem with drugs and alcohol. 6 Painkiller addict Leah Messer has opened out about her struggle with painkillers in her new book, Hope, Grace, and Faith.

  • Her children Ali and Aleeah, 10, with ex-husband Corey Simms, and Addie, 7, with ex-spouse Jeremy Calvert, were frequently videotaped slurring her words and dozing off in the middle of a sentence while appearing on the reality television show.
  • 6 On the show, Leah would frequently fall asleep in the middle of a sentence.
  • She also took Diazepam for her anxiousness, which she described as “truly knocking me out” in her journal entry.
  • 6 She claimed that she seemed to be a “addict” at the time.

Now I’m beginning to suspect that they could be a contributing factor to the problem.” Just wanting to feel normal is all I want, but I’m either in so much physical agony that I can’t get up, or I’m so hazy from the medications that I appear to be a drug addict.” When she attempted to discontinue taking the medications, she had flu-like symptoms, including body pains and nausea, for a few days.

6 Her drug problems began after she was prescribed painkillers following a spinal tap that she said had been “botched.” Image courtesy of MTV Leah arrived home, but as she opened the door, her father, who was also struggling with drug misuse difficulties, “forced a couple of pills” into her hand, according to her.

  • Her sadness and anxiety had been a part of her life for as long as she could remember, but the opioids were what pushed her “over the brink.” “A significant portion of that era of my life is a complete darkness for me,” she wrote.
  • I’ll either forget or I’ll view footage of myself on the show and have no recollection of what happened.” 6 Leah sought treatment for her substance abuse problem.
  • “I have to keep up the pretense that I’m fine,” Leah wrote.
  • She and Corey have now split the money 50/50.

After Teen Mom 2 producers saw GoPro footage of her attempting to commit herself by driving off a cliff, the reality star checked herself into a rehab center for mental health issues. 6 In 2015, Leah was forced to relinquish custody of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah. Image courtesy of Instagram

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When Leah initially arrived to recovery, she was admitted to the hospital for detoxification. The event, she described as “miserable,” because she had been suffering from cold chills, nausea, and diarrhea for three days straight. When she was released from the hospital, she moved into a hostel and enrolled in the Trauma Recovery track, where she would get individual and group treatment. She stated that coming to therapy was the “greatest decision” she had ever made in her life. To summarize, she wrote at the conclusion of the book, “I’m still working on myself, evolving as a person, and aiming to be the best mother I can be.” “I can’t control what life throws at us, but I can educate my kids to live their lives with hope, grace, and faith,” says the mother of two daughters.

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Teen Mom’s Leah Messer Says Opening Up About Her Sobriety Journey Has Been a ‘Cathartic Experience’

The cast of Teen Mom 2 is gearing up for the premiere of a new season, and Leah Messer is ready to share more about her long road to recovery with viewers. She opens up to Others exclusively about her former addiction to painkillers, what she wants people to know as National Recovery Month approaches, and how her family is dealing with their most recent problem, the COVID-19 epidemic. Receive push notifications with news, features, and other information. +FollowFollowing You’ll receive the most recent information on this subject through your browser alerts.

  1. After revealing that she’d had a secret abortion eight years prior, she wrote a book, Hope, Grace, and Faith, in which she detailed how sadness — compounded by her addiction — led to suicide ideation.
  2. (Messer has three children with her ex-husband, Corey Simms: Aliannah and Aleeah, ten, and Adalynn, seven, with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.) Leah Messer is a model and actress.
  3. Messer claims that when she was at her worst, she began purchasing drugs off the street to feed her addiction.
  4. Some of those events are so distant from my memory that I can’t even recall them.
  5. I don’t recall falling asleep with my legs crisscrossed, but I may be wrong “she explains.
  6. I was barely making it through the day.” Messer’s addiction and misery reached a boiling point around a year after Adalynn’s birth, and she pondered driving her car off a cliff to end it all.
  7. Because she was in the midst of a custody fight with Simms at the time, she says she wishes she could have revealed her hardships sooner.

“I was sobbing on the inside, begging for someone to simply assist me.

Musnik, on the other hand, assisted her in realizing that she needed to get clean and healthy in order to be the greatest mother she could possibly be.

While she admitted that she needed more time to recover following treatment, she believes that the lessons she gained were life-changing.

It was necessary for her to set limits in all areas of her life: family, friends, and career, she explains.

Leah Messer and her family|

If you desire better for yourself, you should also want better for your community.

“It’s possible that I would have lost them.

For this reason, I’m extremely frank with kids about addiction and drugs, as well as the devastation that they can bring to you and your family members, as well as to those who are engaged.” The MTV star, who is now clean, is in a far better mental and physical position than he was previously.

  • Messer expresses gratitude for the opportunity to live in their lovely, expansive neighborhood in West Virginia, but she acknowledges that she has had to make difficult decisions about where she will attend school in the autumn.
  • Ali, who suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, will be able to attend school online, she has chosen.
  • “Ali is really going to be participating in the eLearning because we believe that doing so would reduce her chances of becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus.
  • “Because of her unusual kind of muscular dystrophy, I deal with uncertainty and the unknown in a very different way,” she explains.
  • And we have no idea when it will begin to move in a more progressive direction.” “Some days are more difficult than others,” she continues.

Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET for its second season debut. If you or someone you know is battling with addiction, please call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s helpline at 1-800-662-HELP for assistance.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Opens Up About Addiction, Secret Abortion

Leah Messer has lived a complete life, and she has accomplished this by the age of 27. Hope, Grace, and Faith, the latest biography by theTeen Mom 2alumna, chronicles her difficult upbringing and family life. In the book, she opens up about her battles with opiate addiction, her failed marriages, her thoughts of suicide, and a secret abortion that she misled MTV viewers into believing was a miscarriage, among other things. In a video discussion with ET’s Ash Crossan, Leah talked about the book and her desire to come clean about her background.

  • I don’t want anyone else to be embarrassed by their own experience.
  • I’m given the opportunity to tell my truth.
  • It was these ideas that prompted Leah to realize she needed to get help.
  • After contemplating suicide, Leah recognized she had a problem and sought help.
  • “It was my suicidal thoughts and desire to end my life and leave my daughters without a mother that prompted me to seek help.
  • And that was OK with me.
  • “When I look back at that film, I see nothing,” she says of the episodes of Teen Mom 2 in which she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It doesn’t even come close.

Is it true that I was nodding off?

It didn’t even occur to me until I was at a point where I was thinking, “I don’t even want to live anymore.” I’m not worth anything, and my life isn’t worth anything either.

One contentious subject covered in the book is Leah’s choice to have a covert abortion while dating her now-ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, when she was dating him.

“I have no regrets about any of the decisions that I’ve taken because they have shaped me into the person that I am today,” Leah tells Entertainment Tonight.

I don’t want to spend any more time in that stage of my life.

I was at a place where I didn’t own my truth.

The MTV personality is presently single and has maintained positive relationships with both of her ex-boyfriends.

“In addition to loving myself.

You know, it’s all right.

I’ve always stated that if there’s one thing I wanted to do with my life, it was to provide my children with the opportunities I didn’t have.

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She is particularly concerned about Ali, who suffers from a number of health concerns and who has a damaged immune system.

When it comes to Corey’s children, “they have really been away from their father for a short period of time because he is still working in the public.” “We went on a number of drive-bys.

‘Teen Mom 2’ airs a drunken clip of Leah Messer, and the reality star lashes out at the “fake A percent television show.”

Related Gallery

Leah Messer has gone through a great deal in her life, and she is a strong woman. To be honest, it’s just too much. We’ve seen a lot of it over the course of her years on Teen Mom 2, and she disclosed much more in her debut memoir, which was released earlier this year. But now, in a new interview, she’s revealing much more about herself. And, to be honest, we’re a little surprised by what she has to say.

1. Looking Back

As a Teen Mom fan for quite some time, you’re undoubtedly well acquainted with Leah and her difficult teenage years, don’t you think?

2. Sad

This was during a time when she was suffering with almost everything, when her marriage to Jeremy Calvert was on the verge of disintegrating, and when she actually nodded off on camera.

3. Oh No

This is when she ended up in a treatment facility, and while she claimed that her difficulties were sadness and anxiety, it was widely assumed that she was actually doing narcotics at the time.

4. Yep

And it wasn’t until years later that she eventually confessed that narcotics were the root of her problems back then.

5. Heartbreaking

Some of this has been revealed in interviews, and some of it has been revealed in her memoir, but the basic gist of the tale is that she had a very tough time giving birth to her youngest daughter, Addie.

6. Pain Problems

She was in a great deal of discomfort, so her physicians prescribed her pain relievers. And when she informed them that she was still in discomfort, they tossed in some Valium as well.

7. Such a Familiar Story

If it seems like a formula for catastrophe, that’s because it was – she developed an addiction to the pills and, when she couldn’t acquire a prescription, she began purchasing them off the street illegally.

8. Oh, Leah.

She reached such a low point that she even considered committing herself – in her book, she describes a day when she became so overwhelmed with everything that she began driving recklessly towards a precipice, reaching speeds of up to 110 mph at one point.

9. Wow

Fortunately, she decided to pull over instead of continuing, and she was subsequently called by a Teen Mom producer who had watched the film of her drive captured by the cameras hidden in her car and wanted to speak with her. She ultimately agreed to go to treatment after being persuaded by the filmmakers, and she attributes their efforts to saving her life.

10. Good

Despite the fact that she’s been clean since leaving treatment, Leah says she’s been working hard this year to raise awareness about opiate addiction, which has been encouraging to see.

11. What Else?

Despite the fact that she has already disclosed all of this, she revealed some fresh details about her battle with addiction on a podcast this week that were previously unavailable.

12. Goodness Gracious

Moreover, we were completely unprepared for some of the revelations she revealed with us.

13. Whoa

In the podcast, Knockin’ Down Doorz, Leah shared the same tale about how she got into drugs as she had previously, but this time she added that when she couldn’t get her hands on pills, she experimented with other narcotics.

14. So Sad

And heroin was one among the substances that she experimented with.

15. Close Call

Fortunately, she only tried heroin once, since, as she put it, “my personal experience with heroin was that I didn’t feel anything from it at all.”

16. Fair Enough

According to her, “I believe it was a heavenly intervention,” which makes sense. “Heroin was used when pain medicine couldn’t be found, so people turned to it.” “It is less expensive and simpler to do.”

17. Family Time

She stated that she was with her father at the time she attempted suicide, which is really sad but not unusual given the circumstances. She has previously stated that her father frequently assisted her in obtaining medication when she did not have a prescription.

18. Another Sad Story

Speaking of her father, she said that he is still doing drugs, and that, while she used to be enraged by his drug usage, she no longer feels that way about him.

19. Not So Easy

She stated that she believed she would be able to “avoid” becoming an addict like her father had been, and that even when she was in the early stages of her own addiction, “I didn’t feel dependent on the medication I was taking at the time, until it was too late and I became suicidal,” she explained.

20. Illegal Activities

“I was purchasing it from the streets,” she said, adding that she was engaged in “very criminal activity.” “It was a downward spiral from then,” says the author.

21. Scary

“I remember that prompting me to start smoking pills, and it led me to try heroin,” she went on to explain.

22. Making Changes

In addition to disclosing more about her drug usage, she also spoke about her treatment in a rehabilitation facility.

23. Her Persona

Her therapy, she explained, was difficult since she was “in the public spotlight and I had to keep up with this character, or this image, and I had to let all of it go.”

24. Awww

She also stated that Larry, one of the show’s producers, “particularly was the most significant support system I had” on the show.

25. Such a Struggle

“I was going through a really, really difficult custody fight at the time, and admitting that I was battling with addiction was really impossible,” Leah explained.

26. Dire Times

“I was being subjected to a drug test on my hair follicles. I was on the verge of losing custody of my children.”

27. Ashamed

“That was much more embarrassing for me,” she said. “That sums up my entire existence. Unless I kept them, I felt like I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to in life.”

28. Support

“And the executive producer was like, ‘Leah, you’re going to be OK.'” The most beneficial course of action for them is for you to go to a treatment center and receive the assistance that you require and deserve. That was the network of people who were there for me.”

29. Thank Goodness

Obviously, Leah went to treatment and was successful in her efforts to overcome her addiction. The fact that she appears to be doing exceptionally well these days is heartening to witness.

30. Almost Unbelievable

The fact that things were so awful for her that she turned to heroin is heartbreaking, but it is something that many opiate addicts wind up doing – according to reports, this is how Ryan Edwards, another Teen Mom cast member, came to have a heroin addiction in the first place.

31. Here’s Hoping

We hope Leah continues to fare well, and that she continues to find meaning in sharing her experience in this manner – we believe it has the potential to benefit a large number of people.

“Teen Mom” Star Leah Messer Reveals Past Addiction

“It was on the verge of costing me my children. Everything had come tumbling down around me. I had a suicide ideation, “Leah Messer spoke out about her struggle with addiction to pain relievers. Photograph courtesy of Instagram Reality television actress Leah Messer opened up about her struggle with prescription drug addiction on an episode of her podcast, The Leah Messer Show. She explained how a faulty epidural administered at the delivery of her second child led to a reliance on pain medicine, which her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, claims was supplied to her by her father, who was also suffering with addiction, on a Nov.

  • Advertisement on behalf of These advertisements were purchased for placement in this section by the sponsor.
  • Messer, who also spoke about her fight with depression, which left her feeling suicidal in 2015, declared herself to be in a “far better position now” and that she has no grudges towards herself for her previous issues.
  • “I couldn’t feel anything in my body,” she said.
  • There was a constant sense of unease in my voice when I spoke to Jeremy.” She claims that the hospital kept her for observation over the period of seven days, but never discovered what was causing her medical condition, which she believes is true.
  • “She couldn’t get out of bed.
  • and she was in a lot of agony,” says the doctor.
  • “It was quite convenient for us because he was living in our basement.” Messer said that she had become reliant on pain relievers by this stage in her life.
  • I have absolutely no idea what that was!” Advertisement on behalf of These advertisements were purchased for placement in this section by the sponsor.
  • Nevertheless, she confessed in a podcast episode from 2018 that this era in her life was among the most challenging of her life.
  • “It was on the verge of costing me my children.
  • I had a suicide ideation.” Later, in 2015, Messer completed a 30-day treatment program for depression and anxiety and reported herself to be “in a significantly better position today.” Aside from that, she is adamant about not giving her children any prescription drugs.

“We just use the numbing gel (for the discomfort) and call it a day,” she explained. “I don’t want them to grow reliant on, or even go through, anything like that again. I understand what it’s like to become reliant on any medication prescribed by a doctor.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah Nearly Collapses While Holding A Baby Before Leaving For Rehab

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska and her new boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, welcome a new addition to their growing family. Also, Jenelle Evans and her ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith, are at a stalemate; Kailyn Lowry and her husband, Javi Marroquin, have decided it’s time to relocate; and Leah Messer’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, calls her out for having a drug addiction.

Javi Tells Kailyn He Wants To Move

In terms of their relationship, Kailyn and Javi had a great night. The two of them did not fight once, I repeat, they did not fight even once! Jo ends up relocating to a new home that is only two streets away from Kail, but Javi isn’t too concerned about the move. He even walks up to Jo and strikes up a conversation with her — and it wasn’t awkward at all. During one of the conversations tonight, Javi mentioned that their house is becoming a little too small and that they might consider moving somewhere larger.

ChelseaCole Bring Home A Pig

Chelsea and Cole’s lives are progressing smoothly at the moment. The couple made the decision to bring a new member into their family: a newborn pig. They go so far as to designate a separate room just for the tiny man. Take note: his given name is Pete! Aubree is giddy with excitement and genuinely plays with her new pet in a kind manner. Yes, it’s an unusual pet to have indoors, but this has piqued our interest and we now want one desperately. Another benefit is that it appears as though Chelsea and Cole are well prepared to host a party.

Barbara Tells Jenelle To End It With Nathan

Jenelle had a lot of back-and-forth with the opposition tonight. One minute she believes Nathan and her should not be together, and the next she is sobbing uncontrollably, imploring him to be with her again. Barb pays Jenelle a visit later in the evening and attempts to reason with her. Jenelle refuses to listen. “I believe that I deserve more,” she tells her daughter, adding that she does not want “yet another man to tear me down.” It became a little emotional as Babs begins to be concerned about Jenelle’s well-being because Nathan isn’t trustworthy.

  • He’s making contact with young women over the Internet.
  • This is because he despises me.” Surprisingly, Jenelle herself acknowledges that she doesn’t trust him, but that she is still looking forward to being with him.
  • He tells her outright that he is unable to make her happy and that he wishes to see other people.
  • She begins to sob and tells him that she believes it can be mended, but that it is, in fact, broken.
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Leah Leaves For Rehab For A Month

Leah has finally come to the conclusion that she is ready to inform Corey and his wife Miranda of what has occurred. They meet in a restaurant, where Leah appears to be a little out of it. The best she can come up with to explain to them is that she’s going away for a month to receive rigorous treatment — in order to work on her own issues. Corey, on the other hand, wasn’t having it. She is interrogated by him, and he attempts to persuade her to reveal that she has a problem with prescription drugs.

  • Later in the episode, Leah is visiting her brother and is holding his baby Bailey, but something doesn’t seem right about anything.
  • Leah’s brother tries to engage her in conversation, but she is plainly out of her mind and cannot be convinced otherwise.
  • That is when an unidentified someone intervenes and removes the youngster from the situation.
  • She begins by saying, “I have to leave my infants for a month, and I haven’t wept yet.” She continues, I’m well aware that I’m obligated to do this for them.
  • She tears up as she reveals that she is in desperate need of assistance.

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Finally Admits She Had a Drug Dependency: “Everything Was Crashing Down on Me”

“All right, here’s the true story. “I swear I’m not going to say ‘Monkey!’ this time!” Leah Messer is now opening out about a period of her life during which she suffered with a prescription medication addiction, according to People. She has maintained for years that she did not have a drug issue during the time period following the birth of her daughter Addie in February 2013, when she was a teenager. The subject was discussed extensively on the show, with Leah consistently denying that she had any problems with addiction.

“I understand what it’s like to become completely reliant on anything a doctor prescribes,” Leah said.

As Leah reflected on her life in 2014 and 2015, she said: “Not only was I losing my children, but I was also losing my life, my marriage, my whole existence.” “It seemed like everything was coming tumbling down around me.” She opened out about how she became addicted to pain relievers and about her stint at a treatment center in May 2015, which was the first time she had shared her story publicly.

After going to the hospital to give birth to Addie, Leah’s drug issue began, according to her and her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, who both took part in the podcast episode, Leah’s drug problem began.

“I kept saying to Jeremy, ‘Something isn’t quite right.’ I was in the hospital for three days, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me until the next day.

It went on for four days, and I kept thinking something wasn’t quite right.

They put me on three separate medications to take home with me for three months, three different medications.” In her interview, Leah admitted that she was ignorant when it came to drugs and that she was genuinely opposed to using any medicines since she had witnessed her biological father struggle with addiction.

‘I was genuinely anti-drug since my father was a recovering drug user, therefore I refused to take anything.’ Soon after, however, Leah and Jeremy reported that Leah’s pain had become unbearable to the point that she required the medicine to get through the day.

she had migraines and lower back pain,” Jeremy recalled the situation.

“Because my father was a drug addict, I was of the mindset that I never wanted to be a part of it.” That is something I do not want in my life.’ I was already dependant on the medicine at that point, however.” One notable moment from ‘Teen Mom 2’ was when Leah fell asleep while chatting on the phone to her daughter’s nurse.

Leah went into detail about what was going on at the moment.

‘I’d go to my doctor because I was concerned that there could be something else wrong with me, and they’d put me on Diazepam, which caused me to drift out,’ she explained.

(While the Ashleys had previously said that Leah’s father was a contributing factor to her addiction, this is the first time that Leah herself has publicly confirmed it.) Even at a face-to-face meeting with her ex-husband Corey Simms, who was attempting to wrest custody of their twins away from Leah, Leah maintained her denial that she had a drug problem.

In Jeremy’s words, “what she was worried about the entire time was what everyone was going to think.” MTV was extremely lenient in its treatment of Leah’s drug addiction.

“Jeremy and I began to have disagreements.

“would make it appear worse than it actually was—I’ll just go ahead and say it, even though I’m under contract—they did make it appear worse than it actually was at times, and they kept it going for longer than it actually was.” “And then you had MTV putting in their f**king two cents on it, when they had absolutely nothing to do with it,” Jeremy said.

  • You also have the point of view of MTV continually ringing in your ears.
  • The woman had been scheduled to fly to a treatment center in early May 2015, and she had made it all the way to the airport, but she refused to board the plane.
  • During an interview on The Steve Harvey Show in 2016, Leah refused to acknowledge that she had sought treatment for her drug addiction at a rehabilitation facility.
  • He was encouraging me to go to therapy,” Leah explained.
  • “They put me on the trauma track,” says the author.
  • “You can seek therapy for addiction, trauma, and chronic pain,” she explained further.
  • “Would you like to know what the most valuable lesson I took away from my therapy experience?

I had my first child when I was seventeen years old.

“You didn’t get to do any of the exciting things that regular teens get to do,” Jeremy said.

“It honestly felt like I was back in college for a month,” Leah continued.

“It was a spiritual awakening as well as an eye-opener.” “I had a feeling you were popping those drugs!” Leah confessed in a previous podcast episode that she had reached “rock bottom” before seeking therapy and that she had been suicidal during that time.

“I had the impression that people perceived it differently than it truly was.

The actress said, “I’m in a much better position than I was.” To listen to the whole episode of the Life Rebootpodcast, please visit this link.

ANOTHER RELATED STORY: Leah Messer, star of the reality television show “Teen Mom 2,” admits that reconnecting with her biological father was “really unhealthy.” (Photos courtesy of MTV and Instagram)

Leah Messer opens up about how going to rehab made her a better mom

During her therapy for drug addiction, Leah stated that it was the “greatest thing that could’ve ever happened to me.” Image courtesy of MTV “It was the greatest thing that could’ve ever happened to me,” Leah Messer, a Teen Mom 2 veteran, said of her decision to seek treatment for her drug addiction and how it helped her break “destructive habits.” “It was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me,” she said.

Having shared her life with MTV viewers for the last 11 years, her followers are well aware of the many challenges she has faced, from marital difficulties to having a daughter who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy to her fight with prescription drug addiction.

Leah opened up about her choice to seek treatment for her addiction and how it helped her break ‘toxic patterns’

“Honestly, being addicted to the pain medication that I was on and going to the treatment facility in Arizona, that was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me — going to the treatment facility — because that’s where I really started to unwind these really toxic patterns that I was, in turn, passing down to my children unintentionally,” the 29-year-old mother of three said. “I wanted to break the cycle that we grew up in — poverty, my mother being a single parent, and all of that — but it really didn’t hit me until I went to the treatment facility and really started recognizing and working with different therapists,” she continued.

“And I suppose it was when I returned home in 2015 that I realized it was time to turn our entire life around, even if it meant cutting off family members for a spell.” That’s definitely what shifted my viewpoint and really altered my vision for how I wanted to raise my girls,” she continued, adding.

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Yes, without a doubt.

Besides being liberated, I feel like my entire family looks up to me now, with questions like, ‘How are you doing it?’ and other such inquiries.

Leah also talked about her relationship with her exes, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert

“I have a wonderful relationship with both of them,” she went on to say. “When it comes to the kids, we are nothing more and nothing less than parents. All in all, we desire for our children to achieve success while still maintaining their health. “As a result, that is our primary focus.” Corey and Jeremy’s friendship with one another, on the other hand, was something Leah said she was unaware about.

“Hmmm. I’m not sure,” she confessed. “They go about their business. I go about my business. We parent in this manner because it is the most effective. “When anything with the kids comes up, that’s when we truly interact with one other.”

Leah talked about her future with the Teen Mom franchise

In my mind, I’m always going to be labeled as a “Teen Mom,” but I’m not worried about it since I’m concentrating on other business ventures right now, and I have some exciting things coming up.” Consequently, I hope everyone will continue to follow me on all of my social media accounts because I’m really eager for the next chapter — and the next book!” She burst out laughing. Due to the fact that Season 11 of Teen Mom 2 began this week, viewers can catch up with Leah and learn how her latest health issue ended and what the status of her relationships are now at.


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