When Does Last Friday Straight Outta Rehab Come Out? (Solution)

Life won’t be as funny without him.” Back in May, Cube revealed that he wanted to release the much anticipated fourth instalment of the franchise on the 25th anniversary of the original movie: April 26, 2020. Now, following the death of Witherspoon, the N.W.A.


Is there going to be a 4th Friday movie?

There is no official release date as of yet for Last Friday – with the film’s release yet to be officially confirmed, it’s hard to see the film appearing before late 2022 at the earliest.

Is there gonna be a Last Friday movie?

Can’t do ‘Last Friday’ unless we can do it right. Ball is in New Line Cinema’s hands. Bat is in mine.” While appearing on Kevin Smith’s “Smodcast” in early 2021, Cube shared that he used that bat to knock the script out of the park.

Is Ice Cube making a Last Friday movie?

Throughout 2017 and 2018, Ice Cube was writing another script alongside DJ Pooh (co-writer of the original Friday), and making sure it’s “great.” It was turned in as of Spring 2019, hoping for an April 2020 release, but New Line Cinema, and Warner Bros.

Is Last Friday still in production?

Although the long-awaited sequel is not currently in production, Ice Cube remains optimistic that the project will be made one day.

What does last Friday mean?

last Friday -> refers to the Friday before today.

Has Last Friday been confirmed?

Last Friday ( TBA ) According to John Witherspoon, the fourth installment of the series has been greenlit as of April 2017. On April 29, 2019, Ice Cube stated that the script has been completed, and hopes for it to be released on the 25th anniversary of the original film, which was in 2020.

Why did Chris Tucker stop doing Friday movies?

Ice Cube, who also produced the movies, said Tucker didn’t return to play Smokey because of “religious reasons.” “We were ready to pay Chris Tucker $10-12m to do Next Friday but he turned us down for religious reasons. He didn’t want to cuss or smoke weed on camera anymore,” Ice Cube tweeted.

What are the Friday movies?

Ice Cube confirms the official reason that Chris Tucker refused to reprise the role of Smokey in Next Friday despite a $10-$12 million offer. Ice Cube has officially confirmed the reason that Chris Tucker didn’t return for the comedy sequel Next Friday.

How old is Mike Epps?

“We were ready to pay Chris Tucker $10-12 [million] to do Next Friday but he turned us down for religious reasons. He didn’t want to cuss or smoke weed on camera anymore,” wrote Cube. Chris Tucker’s appearances in the franchise have been discussed throughout the years.

Is there going to be a new Friday the 13th?

Friday The 13th (2023) Release Date: TBA An all new Friday The 13th (2023), a reboot, if you will, delivers legendary mass murderer Jason Voorhees to the big screen. Kevin Bacon had a bit part in that film, his second movie. This remake has been in the works for over a decade. Production keeps getting delayed.

Last Friday Release Date, Why it has been delayed? Cast, Trailer, Expected Plot

Friday is an American comedy film written and directed by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, and the Last Friday will be the fourth installment in the film franchise. The plot revolves around Craig Jones, who is out of work, and his obtuse friends and family members. Every Friday, they are subjected to a variety of unexpected occurrences.

Last Friday Release Date

The first part of the trilogy was released in 1995, the second in 2000, and the third in 2002, all in three parts. After demanding for many years, fans of the series are now getting their wish in the form of a fourth movie, which will be available on Netflix in 2022.

Why Friday 4 has been delayed?

The film has been in limbo since since Warner Bros. acquired New Line Cinema, and it appears that it will remain so. Ice Cube had a script prepared between late 2011 and late 2012, but the film was stuck in development purgatory for the rest of the year. By 2013, it’s possible that they’ll have started filming. Then, in 2017, there was a change in management, which necessitated the creation of a new screenplay, which was not completed until spring 2019. Production may have began in the later half of that summer season, if not earlier (or early fall).

After then, we were unable to locate John Witherspoon as of October 29, 2019.

Then, in December 2020, Tiny Lister Jr.

According to Clifton Powell, the film is now under production as a homage to John Witherspoon and Tommy Lister Jr., and will be released in December 2020.


  • Mike Epps in the role of Day-Day
  • Mrs. Jones is played by Anna Maria Horsford. Rickey Smiley is a fictional character created by author Rickey Smiley. Ezal is played by Anthony Johnson. Pinky is played by Clifton Powell. Money Mike is played by Katt Williams. Michael Blackson in the role of Angry African
  • Karla is played by Lisa Rodriguez. Uncle Elroy is played by Don ‘D.C.’ Curry. Suga is played by Kym Whitley.

Expected Story

The screenplay for the Last Friday Straight Outta Rehab has already been written twice, however there has been no information released concerning the storyline for the show. John Witherspoon and Tommy Lister Jr., who appeared in the previous two stories, may have been priceless diamonds in their day, but they are no longer with us. Now, if the rest of the cast members want to win over the hearts of the audience, they will have to work really hard.

Friday Summary

An African-American family wakes up on a Friday morning and gets ready for a typical Friday of work and school. Craig will be called a slur by his ex-girlfriend, who will verbally abuse him and accuse him of having a relationship with another woman. He will get out of his bed, outraged and irritated, and walk to the kitchen to grab cereal, at which point his father will repeat the all-too-familiar line: “Every time I come into the kitchen, you’re in the kitchen.” It’s in the goddamn refrigerator.

  1. All of the chitlins, all of the pigs’ toes, all of the collard greens, all of the hog maws The chitlins appeal to us since we enjoy eating pigs’ toes.” Craig’s friend Smokey leans his head against the window, and the two of them settle on the front porch and begin conversing with one another.
  2. They are aware of the presence of the local bully, Deebo, and take precautions by concealing all of their possessions.
  3. Following that, the lads get obnoxious.
  4. They finally leave, and as a result, they see the bully hitting the lady that Craig is in need of.

When this fails, he resorts to hitting him over the head with a brick, which causes him to pass out and the video to come to an abrupt stop. Also, make sure to check out: Release date for the second season of Outer Banks The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada

Last Friday: Is Ice Cube’s movie sequel coming out?

“Dammmnnnnnn!” Yes, you did not read that in your own voice, no doubt about that. Many great comedies from the 1990s, such Clueless, American Pie, The Big Lebowski, and others, serve as excellent time capsules for the generation that came before us. Some, on the other hand, believe that no movie night with your friends is better than when Friday is on the big screen. In many ways, it’s a laid-back classic, and it’s perhaps the sort of picture that just doesn’t come along very often anymore. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the film’s devoted fans are still clamoring for a new installment.

Gary Gray and released in 2000 and 2002, respectively, were sequels to Gray’s 1995 film.

What is the current situation?

  • “Dammmnnnnnn!” Admit it, you didn’t read it in your own voice, did you? Many great comedies from the 1990s, like Clueless, American Pie, The Big Lebowski, and others, act as excellent time capsules for the generation that saw them. But for some, there is no greater movie night with your friends than when Friday is on the big screen. That then, it’s also the type of picture that comes along much too seldom these days, and that’s what makes it such a classic. Considering this, it’s no surprise that the film’s devoted fans are still clamoring for the release of a second installment. Next Friday and Friday After Next, both directed by F. Gary Gray and released in 2000 and 2002, respectively, were sequels to Gray’s original 1995 film. The possibility of a Last Friday film has been discussed over the years
  • But, is it now in development or not? In what state is everything currently?

Halloween Kills | Final Trailer

YouTube video of a still from the Friday teaser, courtesy of New Line Productions.

Last Friday: Is the movie sequel coming out?

Despite the fact that the long-awaited sequel is not presently in development, Ice Cube is confident that the project will be completed at some point in the future. He previously stated during an appearance on SModcast that Warner Bros. Studios does not intend to pursue any sequels to the film: Although I and New Line (which is part of Warner Bros.) jointly own the property, “of course they obtained the rights to put it out in the first place.” Of course, this will make it more difficult to get things started, although Ice Cube believes that the studio will give the rights to him at some time in the future: “I want the f***ing movie back.

I really do.” You know, I really want my sh*t back so that I can get back to work on my movie.” In the course of the episode, he talked about the first script that he ever wrote.

They get into a fight and are taken to jail as a result of the turmoil.

Instead of surrendering the narcotics, the crew has been smoking all of the contraband that has been confiscated.

pulled the plug on the show because the characters were “spending too much time in jail,” which he said was “not really amusing.” This prompted him to go back to the drawing board and come up with another script, which he went so far as to describe as “wonderful.” Given that he was adamant about not divulging any plot information, we can safely conclude that this is the script he will write if he gets given the green light.

Remembering AJ Johnson and Friday co-stars

Originally, a fourth feature was planned to be released in 2020 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first film. The deaths of John Witherspoon (Willie Jones), Tommy Lister (Deebo), and Anthony Johnson (Ezal) have occurred since the third film, which was released in 2003. Anthony, who died on Monday, September 6th at the age of 55, was the most recent to pass away. LyNea Bell, owner and president of BH Talent, the actor’s representation, stated in a recent statement: “The world of comedy has been shattered once more.” Mr.

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He has left us with incredible memories of his laughing and spectacular acting abilities, but most of all, he has left us with memories of his tremendous personality and heart of gold.” It was also said that “we will be in continual prayer for him and his entire family,” which included his wife Lexis, three children, his brother Edward ‘Peanut’ Smith, sister Sheila, as well as his longtime manager and friend Mike D.

Please give them the space and time they require to comprehend and grieve such a traumatic event.” It was not possible to load this content.

At the same time, he was a naturally humorous person who came right outta Compton. My apologies for not being able to bring your character Ezal back to the big screen in Last Friday. Ice Cube (@icecube) will release a new song on September 20, 2021.

“For me personally, I probably won’t”

Earlier in 2021, Chris Tucker stated in an interview with Club Shay Shay: “I’m not sure I’ll do another edition of the franchise,” that he “probably” wouldn’t. “As for me, I’m not going to do that because I never want to disappoint my public or my followers. I know they want it because they are familiar with and enjoy it, and I am delighted that they do. But I don’t want to come back in anything that makes it likely that I won’t be able to perform what they want. I’ve reached adulthood. “I’m a little different.” Despite the fact that there are now impediments in the way of the project’s completion, it’s not worth saying never given Ice Cube’s tenacity and determination.

The investigation into the identity of the killer

Ice Cube announces ‘Last Friday’ movie is officially in the works

When it comes down to it, the classic 1995 filmFridaymay go down in history as the best stoner comedy of all time. It’s not that it was all about the cannabis, but let’s just say it wouldn’t be the same if Craig hadn’t smoked the joint in the first place. It’s been more than two decades since the original film was released, and a lot has happened. Ice Cube’s son is now a movie star, Bernie Mac is no longer alive (RIP!) and no one has any idea where the f*ck Chris Tucker has disappeared to these days.

  • Mike Epps and John Witherspoon added fuel to the fire by posting this footage on social media last week.
  • Without a doubt, this is significant news, and we have many questions regarding the next film in our minds.
  • And, more importantly, where the heck has Chris Tucker gone?
  • Gary Gray, who has recently had triumphs with films such as Straight Outta Compton and Fast and Furious 8, would be returning to theFridayfranchise and assisting in the series’ conclusion and conclusion.
  • Ice Cube has recently revealed that there will be a new Friday movie release this year.
  • The 17th of May, 2017 I’m hoping Deebo will be in the next Friday movie, because I’m 27.

Xanndidit (@Ikerawrr) is a Twitter user. The 7th of May, 2017 Many people have speculated on how and what may happen next, but the fact that this crap is going down doesn’t really matter. Smokey and Craig deserve special recognition.

Ice Cube Reveals ‘Last Friday’ Plot Idea and the Status of the Movie

Even though Friday was released more than 25 years ago, it continues to be regarded as one of the greatest comedic films of all time. The film, which stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, is about two best friends who get together on a Friday night in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the idea is basic, the film was a big hit, receiving overwhelmingly good reviews from reviewers and inspiring many sequels to be made. There’s supposed to be one more picture to bring the tale to a close, but the fourthFridaymovie has been stuck in development hell for years and years.

Ice Cube image courtesy of Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Ice Cube on ‘Last Friday’ and why it’s taken so long to come out

Cube, 51, was a guest on Kevin Smith’s podcast, SModcast, when he was questioned about the film, which was released last Friday. According to the rapper, Warner Bros. Studios is not interested in making any further movies despite the fact that there is strong fan enthusiasm. His comments came at the 12:00 minute of the video. “Me and New Line (which is under Warner Bros.) own it jointly, but of course they got the rights to put the f*cking sh*t out,” he remarked. Afterwards, Cube revealed that he had written two “crazy” screenplays for the episode “Last Friday.” It was “one of those things they simply wouldn’t do” since it occurred before cannabis became legal, he added.

  • Every one of the motherf*ckers we sent to prison is there for us to see.
  • Then we’re transported to a treatment facility managed by Smokey (Tucker), which turns out to be a f*cking hoax.
  • ‘Jail isn’t really amusing.’ “You’re well aware of all this bullsh*t,” Cube said, saying that he now finds it humorous in light of all the prison-centric television shows that have since been produced, such as Orange Is the New Black.
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Ice Cube says his second ‘Last Friday’ idea was also shot down

In spite of his dissatisfaction, Cube remained positive and went back to work on another draft that he claims was “totally flawless.” He didn’t go into depth about the narrative, which is likely since that’s the script he expects to utilize ifLast Fridayever gets off the ground, but he did indicate it was centered on a love tale. ‘But the love tale bit, I’m not sure I understand,’ they said for whatever reason. ” ‘What the f*ck?’ I thought to myself. That sh*t is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

“For what are you putting an entire franchise on hold?” he continued.

Cube is confident in his ability to come up with a compelling plot, and he is eager to get started.

His aim is that the company would relinquish control of the film to him, allowing him to take it somewhere and finally provide fans with the “happy” they’ve been looking forward to. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Ice Cube Sets Goal For ‘Last Friday’ Release Date

It’s been two years sinceIce Cubeofficially stated that development on the last episode of theFridayfranchise will begin in earnest. The multihyphenate performer also revealed a possible release date for the long-awaited film, which comes after basically months and months of silence on the subject. It appears like the Last Fridayfilm may be here sooner than you think. Cube has stated that he aims to release the final film on the 25th anniversary of the original film, which would be April 26, 2020.

  • “It would be fantastic if this came out on the 25th anniversary of the release.” After celebrating the 24th anniversary of the first Fridaymovie on Instagram only a few days prior, Cube has now issued a remark on the matter.
  • GOODBYE, FELICIA.” “Do you want the next chapter?” he inquired, hinting to the upcoming last chapter.
  • In the meanwhile, you can read the rest of Ice Cube’s comments down below.
  • Fridaypic.twitter.com/p15BEBBnFn — Ice Cube (@icecube) on Twitter, May 3, 2019.

Is another Friday movie coming out? Last Friday release date speculation and latest news

It all started with Friday, a surprise smash of a stoner comedy starring rapper and actor Ice Cube and comedian Chris Tucker that spawned two sequels and a spin-off animated television series. The original film, directed by F Gary Gray (who was also responsible for numerous of Ice Cube’s music videos), was praised for its vivacity, barrage of jokes, and engaging performances by its two major performers, among other things. Because of the film’s economic success, sequels were approved, with Next Friday arriving five years later in 2000 – but without Tucker, who had moved on to the Rush Hour franchise.

It was followed by the Christmas-themed Friday After Next, which starred the same ensemble and despite receiving mixed reviews upon its first release has earned a place in film history as something of an underappreciated masterpiece.

Is there going to be a third installment in this franchise?

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Is another Friday movie coming out?

More than a decade has passed since the last Friday sequel was announced. Ice Cube had stated that the fourth installment should be released in 2020 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the first film, which would have meant a release in 2020. Obviously, this did not take place, but Cube claims that a script exists for it. However, two important cast members have regrettably departed away since the premiere of Friday After Next.

John Witherspoon, who portrayed Ice Cube’s father in the series, passed away in 2019 after suffering a heart attack, and tragically Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr followed him a year later, both of whom died as a result of cardiovascular illness.

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The deaths of these cast members, along with star Tucker’s unwillingness to return to the series, might make it more difficult to have a new film greenlit, though Ice Cube is eager to see it through to completion.

Last Friday release date speculation

There is no official release date for Last Friday as of yet; however, given that the film’s release has yet to be formally announced, it is unlikely that the picture will be released until late 2022 at the earliest. Visit ourMovieshub for the most up-to-date information, or use ourTV Guide to find something to watch.

Will There Ever Be A 4th Friday Movie?

New Line Cinema is a film production company that was founded in 1989 by Steven Spielberg and David O. Selznick. Ice Cube wasn’t happy with simply being a member of N.W.A., one of the most important rap groups of all time, in the 1990s. He wanted to be the leader of the group. With songs like “Straight Outta Compton” and “F*** tha Police,” Ice Cube and his collaborators Dr. Dre and Eazy-E shed light on the African-American experience in the United States. It’s fair that some people would have questioned if the rapper had a lighter side as well, and they received their answer when he created and appeared in the iconic 1995 comedy, Friday, which was written by and starring him.

In the film, Ice Cube portrays Craig Jones and Chris Tucker portrays Smokey, two potheads who spend their Friday night attempting to come up with enough money to pay their drug dealer.

With easily meme-able sequences and a cult following, it’s easy to understand why the film spawned two sequels: Next Friday and Friday After Next, all of which were released in 2015.

The death of John Witherspoon set development on the fourth Friday film back

New Line Cinema is a film production company that was founded in 1989 by Steven Spielberg and David O. Selznick. John Witherspoon was a tremendous talent who began his acting career in 1977 with The Richard Pryor Show. He passed away in 2013. Craig Jones’ father, Willie Jones, would go on to have significant roles on The Wayans Brothers and The Boondocks, but for a generation of moviegoers, he’ll always be known as Willie Jones in theFridayseries. Unfortunately, John Witherspoon passed away in October of this year, and according to Ice Cube, his death prevented them from continuing their progress on Last Friday, the working title for the fourth film.

Unfortunately, John Witherspoon passed away, which, as you might imagine, took us all by surprise.

Everyone could see his humorous side, but he was also a serious and intellectual individual.” Everyone who had worked on the Fridaymovies, he says, is still distraught by the loss, and it appears that any plans for the fourth film have been put on hold indefinitely.

Almost certainly, any script Ice Cube has forLast Fridaywill need to be rewritten, but there is no doubt that the fanbase that has grown up around the franchise over the years is more than willing to wait to see what mishaps Craig gets himself into next, in order for the film to properly pay tribute to the talent that the world has lost.

Ice Cube threw shade toward New Line Cinema previously, for failing to move forward with a fourth Friday movie

New Line Cinema is a film production company that was founded in 1989 by Steven Spielberg and David O. Selznick. We’re aware that Ice Cube has been attempting to have a fourthFridayfilm done for quite some time, but the project has been in a state of development limbo. When he spoke at John Witherspoon’s burial, the actor stated that he felt the same way. “We knew if we got John Witherspoon in the movie, the movie would be funny no matter who else we got in it,” he says of the moment he heard Witherspoon say “Yeah,” which was “one of the happiest moments that we had while making the movie.” He also talks about how he envisioned Witherspoon in the role of Willie when he was writing the script for the original Friday.

There are some d**ks in Hollywood, working for New Line Cinema.

It’s unclear whether or whether New Line Cinema ultimately granted them the go-ahead to proceed shortly before Witherspoon’s death, but in any case, the production will not be moving forward any time in the near future.

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Last Friday Release Date, Why it has been delayed? Cast, Trailer, Expected Plot

Since 2002’s vacation-themed Friday After Next, there hasn’t been a new installment of the popular parody series Last Friday to watch. In any event, Ice Cube has now revealed that a fourth installment has been completed and is set to be released soon. In another discussion, Seth Meyer mentioned that the inaugural Friday’s 25th anniversary observance had taken place the previous week. In response, Ice Cube notes that everything “was prepared for the fourth Friday” before the 2019 death of performer and comedian John Witherspoon (Friday’s Willie Jones) “threw us all back in our seats.” Continuing, Ice Cube says, “We’re genuinely regretting the absence of a tremendously brilliant and amazing individual.” “He wasn’t just fascinating; he was extraordinary.

  1. At this point, it looks to be clearly less certain when and if the film will deliver on its promises.
  2. Witherspoon portrayed Willie Jones, the father of Ice Cube’s character Craig, and she was a prominent character in each of the three Friday films released thus far.
  3. The Hodgetwins are a family of gadgets.
  4. Career |
  5. Controversy |
  7. On the odd chance that fate is on our side, we can also expect him to be concerned with some constraints in the next Anaconda revival.
  8. During the week, new scenes are released on Wednesdays, and they may be viewed as recordings over on GameSpot Universe, or they can be listened to as audio podcasts on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and Apple Podcasts.

The plot revolves around Craig Jones, who is out of work, and his obnoxious friends and family members. Every Friday, they get up to some unexpected antics with their friends.

Last Friday Release Date

The first piece was supplied in 1995, the second in 2000, and the third in 2002. The last segment was provided in 2003. Since the beginning of the series, fans have been demanding for a fourth installment to be released, which will finally be available on Netflix in 2022.

Why Friday 4 has been postponed?

It has been in limbo since Warner Bros. acquired New Line Cinema, and the picture is currently in post-production. Ice Cube had content created between late 2011 and late 2012, however the project was unable to move forward due to a snag in production. By 2013, it’s possible that they had begun recording. When there was spotless administration at that time in 2017, it prompted the creation of another piece of material, which hasn’t been harvested until the beginning of spring in 2019. It is possible that creation began with the bearing of the last piece of that late spring season’s harvest (or late summer).

Afterwards, we lost John Witherspoon on October 29, 2019, which marked the end of his life.

And then, in December 2020, we lost Tiny Lister Jr.

In December 2020, Clifton Powell stated that the film is now in the process of being assembled as a tribute to John Witherspoon and Tommy Lister Jr.

The cast of Last Friday

  • Rickey Smiley, Anthony Johnson as Ezal, Clifton Powell as Pinky, Katt Williams as Money Mike, Michael Blackson as Angry African, Lisa Rodriguez as Karla, Wear ‘D.C.’ Curry as Uncle Elroy, Kym Whitley as Suga
  • Mike Epps as Day-Day
  • Anna Maria Horsford as Mrs. Jones.

Anticipated Story of Last Friday

As of right now, the content for the Last Friday Straight Outta Rehab has been written twice, but there is no information on a tale to be shared with viewers. John Witherspoon and Tommy Lister Jr., who appeared in the first two stories, may have been two priceless jewels who are no longer with us now. Currently, the rest of the cast members must put in the necessary effort if they want to win over the hearts of the audience.

Last Friday delivery date cast and plot synopsis

An African-American family wakes up on a Friday morning and prepares for a long day at the office and in the workforce ahead of them. Craig will receive a scathing letter from his former sweetheart, accusing him of mistreating him and blaming him for having a relationship with another young girl. He would emerge from his bed, rankled and annoyed, and head to the kitchen to grab cereal. It is at this moment that his father will speak the most famous phrase in the whole book: “Each chance I go in close proximity to the kitchen, you inside the kitchen.” In the goddamned refrigerator, of course.

  • chitlins, pigs toes, collard greens, and hoard throats were all gathered together in one place.
  • The chitlins appeal to us since we enjoy eating pigs’ toes.” Craig’s good friend Smokey leans his head against the glass, and the two of them take a seat in the hallway yard and begin their conversation.
  • They recognize the local harasser, Deebo, and take every precaution to keep all of their resources hidden.
  • What is the age of Tristan Jass?
  • They will then have the opportunity to purchase a piece of the debts that Smokey owes to the creditors.

The video concludes with him threatening to use a weapon on the harasser in order to frighten him, but this does not succeed, and the film knocks him over the head with a block, following which he will be taken out. For further information and up-to-date information, please see Instachronicles.

Friday 4: Ice Cube Reveals The Sad Reason Why It Wasn’t Made

Since 2002’s Friday After Next, which was focused around the Christmas season, there hasn’t been a new installment in the popular comedy series Friday. However, Ice Cube, the hero of the film, has now revealed that a fourth chapter had been planned for release until until recently. Seth Meyer revealed in a recent interview that the 25th anniversary of the first Friday had passed just a few days before. “Everything was set to go for the fourth Friday,” Ice Cube says, adding that the death of actor and comedian John Witherspoon (Friday’s Willie Jones) in 2019 “threw us all for a loop.” As Ice Cube goes on to say, “we’re still in mourning at the loss of such a talented and wonderful man.” “He wasn’t simply amusing; he was also intelligent.

Now, it appears to be significantly less definite when and when the film will be released.

As Ice Cube describes the reaction of the cast and crew to Witherspoon’s death, “we all feel like we’ve lost a father, a grandfather, an uncle.” Despite the fact that the fourth Friday has been postponed indefinitely, Ice Cube may be seen in The High Note, which will be released on paid on-demand on May 29th rather than in cinemas.

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Why Ice Cube’s Last Friday Has Been Stalled Out For The Past Decade

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with a number of different businesses. When you click on or make a purchase through one of our links, we may receive a commission. When it was released in 1995, Ice Cube’s comedic classicFridaylaunched a franchise that would see the writer/actor launch a series of films that have remained fan favorites to this day. In addition to the two sequels, Next Friday and Friday After Next, that have been released to carry on the heritage, one last film, Last Friday, has been planned to bring the series to a close with a bang.

  1. After a recent conversation with Ice Cube in support of his role in the dramedy ensemble filmThe High Note, I inquired as to whether he had completed any additional work on the script forLast Friday.
  2. Given that he had last updated me on the project’s progress around the end of 2019, and that the loss of actor John Witherspoon had resulted in the project requiring extensive rewrites, I was wondering whether there had been any new advancements.
  3. So, according to Cube’s statements in the interview above,Last Fridaybegan as a concept around 2010, which is around eight years afterFriday After Next was first released.
  4. Over time, the ominous pronouncement became something of an albatross around the neck of the company.
  5. Ultimately, Last Friday has been in a holding pattern for quite some time, with various stages of production being teased, giving supporters continuing optimism that it might materialize at some point in the near future.
  6. As Willie Jones, the father of Ice Cube’s protagonist Craig, was a major role throughout theFridayfranchise to begin with, his absence from the film would have been noticed even if the screenplay didn’t make much use of his character.
  7. Ice Cube, like everyone else who has experienced the death of a long-time friend and coworker, has found himself with a case of writer’s block as a result of his absence.
  8. With the assurance that he would continue to fight the good fight, as well as the belief that New Line Cinema has the ability to do the right thing, the last picture in theFridaysaga is not yet out of business.
  9. The decision to finish the Friday franchise will rest with New Line’s executives when he’s ready to explore this new sequel, which will more than likely include a memorial to John Witherspoon, who passed away last year, as soon as he’s ready.
  10. In the interim, you may see Ice Cube and his famed improv abilities in the film The High Note, which is currently available for rental through VOD services.

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Ice Cube On If Smokey Will Appear In ‘Last Friday’: “It’s Really About Chris Tucker Making A Commitment”

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The entrepreneur also shares his top five MCs.

On Power 106 FM’sNick Cannon Mornings, Ice Cube recently revealed his top five favorite MCs, as well as whether or not Chris Tuckerwill make an appearance inLast Friday. During their talk, Cannon inquires of Cube as to whether or not Tucker’s character Smokey would appear in the upcoming film. Next Friday and Friday After Next did not have Smokey, who made an appearance on Friday, but did not appear in the subsequent films. The key, according to Cube, is Chris Tucker’s willingness to make a commitment.

“We’ve finished the script, and we’re currently receiving suggestions from the studio.

It would be lovely if this were to be released on the 25th anniversary of the film.

As he put it, “I’m constantly looking for influences, for pioneers, for people who have basically established a style or flavor that is all their own.” “So individuals like Melle Mel, Ice-T, Chuck D, KRS-One, and Rakim are among of my all-time favorites,” says the rapper.

Friday 4 Is Finally Happening, Gets Titled Last Friday

Under a recent interview, Ice Cube stated that the last part of his successful Friday franchise is now in development. Ice Cube is returning to the well that propelled him from the rap game to the silver screen, and this time it’s for a new film. One of the Fridayfranchise’s writers, actors, and rappers has announced that a new episode would be released in the near future. According to Ice Cube, the film will be titled Last Friday and will be released sometime in the future. A release date has not yet been set, but work is already on on it.

  1. It was unclear what he had to say about it, but when the issue of a Friday 4 came up, he confirmed that he is working on one and that they at the very least had a title for it at this time, if not anything else, at this moment.
  2. “Right now, we’re hard at work on one.
  3. For starters, Ice Cube will almost certainly appear in the film, as he has done in each of the past three episodes.
  4. This is, without a doubt, his franchise.
  5. There has been no news on whether Chris Tucker would reprise his role as Smokey from the original film in this sequel; but, if this is indeed the final film, as the titleLast Fridayimplies, it would seem like a good opportunity to bring him back.
  6. Despite the fact that Friday was an unexpected critical and commercial success, reviewers were unimpressed by Next Friday and Friday After Next.
  7. Since its release in 2011, Friday Movies has earned an estimated $121 million at the box office.
  8. There is no information on when Last Friday will be released or who will direct it at this time.
  9. Gary Gray has gone on to become a major figure in Hollywood, directing films such as Straight Outta Compton and The Fate of the Furious.
  10. Particularly considering that Friday After Next was released 15 years ago.
  11. A Look at Chris Evans’ Performance and a Redesigned Zurg in the Lightyear Trailer New details about the narrative of Pixar’s Lightyear, as well as Chris Evans’ heroic lead performance, are revealed in the latest teaser, which also features a reimagined Emperor Zurg.

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Looks Like There Might Be a ‘Friday After The Next Friday’ Movie After All

Fans of the first ‘Friday’ film are enthralled by the prospect of a new installment, and they have many questions. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Ice Cube’s upcoming Fridaymovie, so stay tuned. While fans have been anxiously expecting the release of a new episode, which Ice Cube has hinted on more than one occasion, there has been no progress in the production of the film. Ice Cube even joked about bringing back Chris Tucker to reprise his role as Smokey — a character who proved to be a fan favorite in the original but who did not appear in either Next Friday or Friday After Next due to scheduling conflicts.

  1. (“I’m not sure if we’ll be able to perform another one.”) However, it is possible that a new Friday movie will be released.
  2. According to Witherspoon, he had a brief encounter with Ice Cube at the airport this past week, during which the two stars discussed the possibility of meeting for theFridaysequel film.
  3. Witherspoon even expresses gratitude to Warner Bros.
  4. (The Friday films are produced by New Line, which is a division of Warner Bros.
  5. Here are the four questions we’d like to have addressed in the next, next, and nextFridaymovie.
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Where is Smokey?

Despite Smokey’s location being disclosed as having entered treatment on Next Friday, people have been doubtful that this is the end of Smokey’s narrative. An internet myth has circulated for years that Smokey had been released from rehab between the events of Next Friday andFriday After Nextand was still operating as a terrible drug dealer for Big Worm. This story has been debunked on several occasions (Faizon Love). ‘Friday’ According to another popular notion, Smokey got his act together and never returned to their ghetto after completing his recovery program.

While Smokey was absent from the following films, John Witherspoon provided a more compelling explanation for why Chris Tucker, rather than Smokey, did not appear in them.

Hopefully, things will be different this time around, and Ice Cube will be able to persuade Warner Bros.

In addition to pleasing fans, Tucker’s return would certainly profit the studio more than Tucker himself, since it would allow the company to construct the Fridaymovie franchise around Tucker and Cube’s famous characters from the original.

Furthermore, because they are the most well-known representatives of the company, Warner Bros. would have a strong foundation to expand on.

Will Deebo get out of prison, again?

Another character that fans have been hoping to see return is Deebo, who, like Smokey, has been absent from the show for a long time. Aside from that, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, who portrayed Deebo in the original series, is expected to reprise his role for the sequel. Deebo, the local bully who finally gets “knocked the fuck out” by Ice Cube’s character, Craig Jones, was Lister’s first acting role in a Fridaymovie. ‘Next Friday’Deebo reappeared for a brief while in the episode, but was eventually taken away to prison in the end.

And, who knows, he could even bring along the vatos that Craig and Day-Day were apprehended with on NextFriday!

After all, it appears that breaking out of prison in the Fridayuniverse is a relatively simple process.

What ever happened to Craig’s sister?

Where did Craig’s sister go after Friday? That’s one of the most obvious, yet unasked, questions. Dana (Regina King) was a supporting character in the first film, however she did not appear in NextFriday or FridayAfterNext due to scheduling conflicts. However, her absence from NextFriday may be explained by the fact that the action takes place in Rancho Cucamonga, but what about FridayAfterNext? ‘The Friday Following Next’ Even though everyone in the Jones family was working together at their barbecue business and even gathered to Craig’s apartment for a Christmas party, Dane was nowhere to be seen.

For the time being, we can only speculate as to why Dana was left out of the Friday movies.

In light of the fact that Warner Bros.

Where would the story go after ‘Friday After Next’?

Given that we don’t know whether or not Chris Tucker will reprise his role as Smokey, we can safely assume that the next film will take up some time after the events in Friday After Next. Craig and Day-Day were finally able to pay their rent for the month at the conclusion of that film, leading us to believe that they will be embroiled in even more mischief in the sequel. They’ve already meddled with a few of the hoodlums in their neighborhood in the hopes of convincing them to relocate to a more secure area of town.

If this is going to be the final installment in the series, it makes sense for them to wrap things off in the same place they started: south central Los Angeles.

However, because Cube’s character Craig is now more of a bachelor, it’s possible that he’ll be granted the house by his father and end up getting involved in further mischief by returning to the area.

That scenario would lead us back to Craig’s neighborhood and allow us to discover whether or not Craig’s crotchety neighbor Stanley actually moved out, which has been a popular question among fans over the years.

Friday (franchise) – Wikipedia

Directed by F. Gary Gray(1)Steve Carr(2)Marcus Raboy(3)
Written by Ice CubeDJ Pooh(1)
Produced by Patricia Charbonnet
Starring Ice CubeJohn Witherspoon(1–3)Chris Tucker(1)Tom Lister, Jr.(1-2)Mike Epps(2-3)Don Curry(2-3)
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date 1995-present
Country United States
Language English
Budget $24.5 million
Box office $121.5 million

Icy Cube and DJ Pooh came up with the idea for Friday, a stoner comedy film franchise. The series is set in South Central Los Angeles and chronicles the escapades of Craig Jones, a chronically unemployed man who, along with his friends and relatives, finds himself embroiled in a variety of situations that occur on Fridays. There have been three films released thus far. Frida (1995) was a surprising hit that has since gained a strong following among fans of the franchise. Due to its popularity, two sequels, Next Friday(2000) and Friday After Next(2002), were released, both of which were also box office blockbusters.


It follows the lives of two pals, Craig Jones (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker), as they go about their business on a single Friday in South Central Los Angeles. As a result of being reportedly seen on video stealing cardboard boxes from UPS, Craig was just sacked from his job while seeking to collect his earnings. Craig maintains his innocence. Everyone from friends to local personalities passes by, including the huge neighborhood bully Deebo, at various points during the day (Tommy Lister, Jr.).

that evening, or they would be murdered.

Next Friday(2000)

Two friends, Craig Jones (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker), in South Central Los Angeles, are shown in the film on a single Friday in their lives. When Craig attempted to collect money from his employer, he was sacked. He had been accused of stealing cardboard boxes from UPS and had been recorded on camera doing it, but he maintains his innocence. Everyone from friends to local personalities, including gigantic neighborhood bully Deebo, pass by on their way to and from work (Tommy Lister, Jr.).

that evening, or they will be killed.

Friday After Next(2002)

Craig (Ice Cube) and Day-Day (Mike Epps) are robbed by a phony Santa Claus (Rickey Smiley) at 3:37 a.m. on Christmas Eve, during which he steals their presents, Craig’s CD collection, Day-baby Day’s photographs, and a large sandwich. A strip mall where Willie (John Witherspoon) and Elroy (Don “D.C.” Curry) built up a rib business named “Bros.” BBQ is where Craig and Day-Day land employment as rent-a-cops in the movie “Bros. BBQ.” She (BeBe Drake) accuses them of owing rent to their apartment building management, Ms.

Craig is over over heels in love with Donna, the girlfriend of a pimp named Money Mike (Katt Williams), who treats her horribly, and Craig and Day-Day plan an arent party in order to raise money for Ms. Pearly’s legal defense fund.

Last Friday(TBA)

In April 2017, John Witherspoon said that the fourth chapter of the series has been given the go light by the studio. In an interview with Drink Champs, DJ Pooh says that he’s currently working on a project with Ice Cube called Last Friday. According to Ice Cube, as of April 2018, “As of right now, we’re still in the process of scripting the film, making sure it’s both ahead of and not behind the times. However, I expect that we will begin filming this year, maybe before the end of the year.” When Mike Epps shared a video and photograph with Ice Cube on Instagram in May 2018, fans thought that the film was in development, and they were right.

  • Ice Cube announced on April 29, 2019, that the script had been written and that he hoped to have the film released on the 25th anniversary of the original film, which would take place in 2020.
  • We finished the script, and we’re getting suggestions from the studio, so it’s back and forth.” “Initiate pre-production and begin hiring as soon as possible.
  • After John Witherspoon died four months later, on October 29, 2019, it is still unclear what happened to the role he played.
  • Despite the fact that the project has been put on hold since Witherspoon’s death, Ice Cube has indicated that he aims to get it back on track as soon as possible.
  • “You let our legends die,” she said, echoing Ice Cube’s criticism of New Line Cinema for failing to devote sufficient resources to the film’s development.
  • On December 20, Clifton Powell stated his hope that the film would continue to be produced and that it will feature a homage to John Witherspoon and Tommy Lister Jr.
  • The first would have followed Craig and Day-Day as they struggled to survive in prison after theirCannabisDispensary was taken by aFlash mob in the first episode.
  • Cube did not provide any specifics on the second script, other than to say that it would have revolved around a love tale.


Indicator of a list (s) This section contains images of characters who will feature in the franchise or who have already appeared in it.

  • Indentifier for a list (s) Characters who will appear or have appeared in the franchise are included in this section.
Characters Films Animated series
Friday Next Friday Friday After Next Friday: The Animated Series
Craig Jones Ice Cube Khary PaytonV
Cree SummerYV
Mr. William “Willie” Jones John Witherspoon John DiMaggioV
Deebo Tom Lister Jr. Kevin Michael RichardsonV
Stanley Ronn Riser Phil LaMarrV
Clarence “Smokey” Chris Tucker Chris TuckerA
Debbie Nia Long N/A
Mrs. Betty Jones Anna Maria Horsford Anna Maria HorsfordA Anna Maria Horsford Cree SummerV
Dana Jones Regina King
Big Worm Faizon Love Faizon LoveA
Pastor Clever Bernie Mac
Red DJ Pooh DJ PoohA
Mrs. Parker Kathleen Bradley
Mr. Parker Tony Cox Tony CoxA
Joann Vickilyn Reynolds Vickilyn ReynoldsA Phil LaMarrV
Ezal Anthony Johnson Anthony JohnsonA Reno WilsonV
Joi Paula Jai Parker
Felisha Parker Angela Means
Hector Demetrius Navarro
Lil Chris Jason Bose Smith N/A
Daymond “Day-Day” Jones Mike Epps
Uncle Elroy Jones Don “D.C.” Curry N/A
Pinky Clifton Powell Phil LaMarrV
Joker Jacob Vargas N/A
Karla Lisa Rodriguez
Roach Justin Pierce
Tyrone Kirk Jones
Auntie Suga Kym E. Whitley
Lil Joker Lobo Sebastian Silent cameo
Baby Joker Rolando Molina
D’wana Tamala Jones
Baby D’ Robin Allen
Money Mike Katt Williams N/A
Donna K.D. Aubert
Damon Pearly Terry Crews
Mrs. Pearly Bebe Drake
RobberSanta Claus Rickey Smiley Silent cameo
Moly Maz Jobrani
Officer Brian Dix Reggie Gaskins
Officer Alvin Hole Joel McKinnon Miller
Big Mary Masasa MoyoV


Occupation Films
Friday Next Friday Friday After Next
Director(s) F. Gary Gray Steve Carr Marcus Raboy
Producer(s) Patricia Charbonnet Ice Cube Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez
Writer(s) Ice Cube andDJ Pooh Ice Cube
Composers(s) N/A Terence Blanchard John Murphy
Cinematographer(s) Gerry Lively Christopher J. Baffa Glen MacPherson
Editor(s) John Carter Elena Maganini Suzanne Hines


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