When Is Rehab Addict On? (Best solution)

  • Thursday Nights 9/8c. After 10 years of Rehab Addict, over 118 episodes, projects in Minneapolis, Detroit and even Akron. We hung up our hats for a few years to simply take a breather. We are so proud to be returning with our new show Rehab Addict Rescue.


Is Rehab Addict coming back in 2021?

Brand New Series Starring Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis Is Coming to HGTV. Home renovation star Nicole Curtis helps overwhelmed DIY-ers restore their historic homes in new HGTV series Rehab Addict Rescue, premiering January 2021.

What night is Rehab Addict Rescue on?

Thursday Nights 9/8c We are so proud to be returning with our new show Rehab Addict Rescue.

Is Rehab Addict still on HGTV?

HGTV star Nicole Curtis has been out of the spotlight for two years since ending her show “Rehab Addict” in 2018. The 44-year-old is now back with a brand new series, “Rehab Addict Rescue,” where she helps homeowners restore crumbling historic homes to their former glory.

What channel is Rehab Addict Rescue on?

Renovation fans can check out the new series Rehab Addict Rescue, starring popular TV host Nicole Curtis, premiering tonight, Jan. 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV. You can also stream it on fuboTV (free 7-day trial) and Philo (free 7-day trial).

Is Nicole of Rehab Addict married?

Nicole says that she has never been married — but she’s made headlines with some of her past romantic relationships. Nicole shares her older son, Ethan, with her college sweetheart, Steven Cimini. She also had a son with a businessman, Shane Maguire.

Did Rehab Addict have a baby?

Nicole has two sons, however she doesn’t have a daughter. She does regularly get asked about Tessa, who passed away following a cancer battle after an episode featuring her and her family.

What city is rehab addict filmed in?

Her new series focuses on eight homes across Detroit as homeowners, many of them overwhelmed, navigate renovations and turn to Curtis and her team for help. One house is in Indian Village, another is West Village and another is in LaSalle Gardens. Each one-hour episode focuses on a different home.

Who is Bobby on Rehab Addict Rescue?

Robert prothero (@bobbyprothero) • Instagram photos and videos.

How is Tessa on Rehab Addict?

The builder’s young daughter, Tessa was battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Hearing about what her team member was struggling with was overwhelming. “I kept it together and walked until I was out of sight and then ran to my truck,” she wrote in a 2017 Facebook post. However, Tessa died in June of 2017.

Did Nicole Curtis attend rehab?

Nicole Curtis, known for her series Rehab Addict returned to television after sharing her mind and body needed a serious two-year break. She returned with Rehab Addict Rescue, which premiered on HGTV and is streaming on Discovery+ and recently shared why she pressed pause on her renovation reality show.

Who owns the Ransom Gillis house in Detroit?

The new owners, Mary and Charles Stinchfield, were a lumbering family and lived in the home for eight years before selling to Alanson and Cornelia Fox, also wealthy lumber barons. The Foxes owned the home for 28 years, the longest of anyone and the family most often associated with it.

“Rehab Addict Rescue” Season 2 Cancelled or Renewed? HGTV Release Date, Trailer & News

Was the second season of Rehab Addict Rescue cancelled or renewed? When does the show premiere on HGTV? Now that season 1 has come to an end, viewers are wondering whether the program will be renewed for a second season or not. Throughout this page, we’ve compiled everything we’ve learned thus far about the next season.

What IsRehab Addict RescueAbout?

Nationally renowned house restorer Nicole Curtis visits families who are daunted by the prospect of doing their own historic home restorations. Rehab Addict Rescue, a new HGTV series, will provide a helping hand to do-it-yourselfers who thought they could restore great old buildings like a pro – but who soon discovered that they were in over their heads in the remodeling process. Following Nicole – who is best known for her hands-on restoration of crumbling historic homes back to their former glory on HGTV’s popular series Rehab Addict – as she rescues homeowners who have become completely overwhelmed by the renovation process, the eight-episode series will premiere on Thursday, January 28, at 9 p.m.

Along with airing on HGTV, each new episode of Rehab Addict Rescue will be accessible on discovery+, Discovery Inc.’s new subscription streaming service, on Thursdays beginning January 28.

Nicole will identify the must-haves for each property in each episode, such as new electrical wiring, updated plumbing, and structural repairs, in each episode.

At the end of the day, Nicole and her staff will clean up the mess so that families may finally see the house they’ve been dreaming of.

“As a result of our efforts, a large number of individuals have followed in our footsteps.

Now that they’ve discovered what it truly takes to save an ancient house, we’re here to save them.” In addition to her work as a cast member on the famous HGTV series Rehab Addict, Nicole is a dedicated preservationist who has loved renovating homes all around the country, including her birthplace of Detroit, Michigan.

“It gives me great pleasure to assist them in turning a nightmare project into the family home they have always desired.” The show Rehab Addict Rescue lets Nicole’s talent to shine in a whole new light, which is something HGTV viewers have been waiting for, according to Jane Latman, president of the network.

Exactly when will the second season ofRehab Addict Rescuebe released? See what I mean in the video below!

Rehab Addict Rescue Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Rehab Addict Rescue has not been cancelled or renewed by HGTV as of yet. We are still waiting for an official statement on the show’s current condition. We will update this status as soon as we receive any information. The release date for Season 2 of Rehab Addict Rescue is TBD (TBA)

Show Information

Show Name Rehab Addict Rescue
Season 2
Network HGTV
Status Pending
Series Cast Nicole Curtis

HGTV star Nicole Curtis on why she took a two-year break from TV: ‘I was wearing way too many hats’

Nicole Curtisha has been out of the spotlight for more than two years, following the conclusion of her reality television show “Rehab Addict” in 2018. A fresh new series, ” Rehab Addict Rescue,” will premiere on Syfy this fall, in which she will assist homeowners in restoring deteriorating historic buildings to their former splendor. During an interview with Fox News, the remodeling TV star discussed how she needed time away from the cameras and why she is drawn to older properties. Fox News: What did you take away from your time away from television, and why did you decide now was a good time to return?

  1. I had worked really hard and devoted every ounce of my energy to the program, the brand, and, of course, to raising my kid.
  2. However, I was working more than seven days a week, and we only have seven days a week here at the office.
  3. What gives me peace of mind is knowing that I have enough time in my day to devote to the things that really important.
  4. I simply wish to return to a more sedate way of life.
  5. Fox News: What is it about these old, historic properties that draws you back to them?
  6. It’s my specialty, it’s my passion, and it’s where I feel most fulfilled.
  7. It’s also humbling because every house is different, and when I walk inside a house, I think to myself, “We’re going to finish this.” And I believe it is this part of the projects that keeps me coming back to them time and time again.
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(discovery+) Fox News Channel (FNC): What’s it like having your kid Ethan join you in the projects you’re working on?

The things he understands about ancient homes and construction are picked up on by his children, even when they are little.

It’s fantastic to have him back on television because he grew up watching television and if there’s one viewpoint I can always rely on, it’s his.

I had him while I was very young, which is something I frequently remind him of.

Looking at him may be really difficult at times because I still view him as a small child who wished to be with me at all hours of the day and night.

(discovery+) What strategies did you use to get beyond some of the critics and doubters when you were first starting out?

After five minutes of working with me, they’re like, ‘Oh, never mind, she understands what she’s talking about,’ they say.

I’m the one in charge.

You are the only one who exists.

Download the FOX NEWS APP by clicking here. You have to really just focus on finding the people that love and support you, and then you have to concentrate on those people and on that circle. “Rehab Addict Rescue” premieres on HGTV on Thursday, January 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Watch the trailer below.

Nicole Curtis to Host New HGTV Series Rehab Addict Rescue After 2 Years Out of the Spotlight

Prior to hosting Rehab Addict on the DIY Network from 2010 to 2018, the home remodeling expert was a co-host on the DIY Network. Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission. Nicole Curtis will appear in a new spin-off of her famous HGTV seriesRehab Addict, which premieres this fall. The network announced on Wednesday that it will air a six-episode series called Rehab Addict Rescue, which will premiere in the first quarter of 2021.

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HGTV explained in a news release that “each episode will feature Nicole and her team as they work with customers to renovate rooms that don’t match their modern-day needs—creating updated, practical dream homes while retaining the buildings’ history and charm.” nicole-curtis-rehab-addict-season-8.jpg Nicole Curtis is a well-known actress.

In the first season of Rehab Addict, Curtis helped rehabilitate communities in Detroit and Minneapolis, which aired on DIY Network and HGTV.

In a statement, Jane Latman, the president of HGTV, said, “Nicole is a proven talent whose personal passion for older homes and renovation expertise have inspired millions of rehab enthusiasts who, like her, embrace the unique challenges and opportunities that come with renovating a classic, vintage home.” It’s time to call in the professionals at Rehab Addict Rescue if you’re in over your head with a home repair job.

  • nicole-curtis-season-8-rehab-addict-1.jpg courtesy DIY Network is a network of people who are interested in doing things yourself.
  • The actress said that she and her husband had departed before the decision was made (by choice) in order to take a much-needed vacation.
  • “I wish you the very best of luck,” Curtis said.
  • Curtis and her boys in the year 2019.
  • Curtis had to learn a lot of things the hard way because of bad partners, harsh financial times, and sacrifices for her elder son, Ethan, who is now in his early thirties.
  • She’s also spoken up about her extremely secret second pregnancy with her son Harper, as well as her “heart-wrenching” custody fight with Harper’s father, Shane Maguire, which has lasted years.
  • Curtis denied Maguire’s allegations.
  • In October of that year, Curtis and Maguire came to an agreement that allowed them to have joint custody of Harper for the foreseeable future.
  • According to the terms of their most recent agreement, Curtis promised to set up a trust for Harper with a $250,000 fund, which Maguire would be able to use to purchase a property within 25 miles of Curtis’ home, allowing him to spend more time with his kid.

“Every now and again, a storm comes along to clear the way for the brightness.” The first episode of Rehab Addict Rescue will air on HGTV in 2021.

Why Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis Stepped Out of the Spotlight 2 Years Ago – and Why She’s ‘Nervous’ Coming Back

PEOPLE magazine published an exclusive interview with theRehab Addictstar in this week’s edition. “I can’t lie and say that I’m not scared about having a program back out there,” she says. Nicole Curtis is back on the scene! After taking a two-year hiatus from the spotlight, the star of HGTV’sRehab Addictis making her comeback to television with a new program and a fresh approach. The design expert, 44, will star in the new HGTV and Discovery+ series Rehab Addict Rescue, which premieres on January 28 and will be part renovation guru, part life coach as she comes to the aid of families who have gotten themselves into financial trouble after purchasing old homes in need of renovation.

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  2. ‘I’ve produced monsters,’ says the author “She makes light of the situation in this week’s edition of PEOPLE, which hits newsstands on Friday.
  3. Nonetheless, she is adamant about requiring her students to put in the effort: “The message is not, “Oh, we’re going to remodel your house, and your life will be just fantastic.” They must be devoted in order to succeed “she explains.
  4. If something isn’t enjoyable, it isn’t worth doing.” Curtis’s comeback to television follows a lengthy layoff following the conclusion of Rehab Addict1.0 in the autumn of 2018.
  5. Curtis acknowledges that she was “totally worn out” when she made the choice to stand down.
  6. I was under a lot of pressure.” CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO: Nicole Curtis of HGTV talks about almost injuring LeBron James.
  7. (She is the mother of two sons, Ethan, 23, and Harper, 5.) “Everything you see on the show was purchased, picked up, and placed in position by me, even the drapes, which I ironed,” she explains.

In addition, I’d dress in the same clothing every day.

I’m grateful for it “She claims that, in the end, it was her washer family who encouraged her to take a long sabbatical.

She claims that this is the first time she has felt this way “I could just stay at home and take care of my children.

His appearance on her program as a child, as well as a cameo appearance in the first episode of Rescue, is noteworthy.

nicole-curtis-2-2000×1333.jpg nicole-curtis-son-ethan-filming-rehab-addict-rehab “I can’t lie and say that I’m not apprehensive about putting a show back on the road,” she admits as she prepares to re-enter the public spotlight.

“I had a tumultuous 10 years in my life.

“My attention is entirely focused on remembering where I want to go, what matters in my life, and what my priorities are right now.

The most important thing to remember is that life is brief and that I want to enjoy it to the utmost. And I’m grateful that our fans have responded positively to it.” The first episode of Rehab Addict Rescue will air on HGTV and the Discovery+ streaming service on January 28.

New Nicole Curtis series on HGTV helps Detroit homeowners renovating old houses find their way

According to HGTV star Nicole Curtis, who is originally from Lake Orion, when it comes to refurbishing an ancient property, don’t even consider painting over original woodwork or taking down walls. Curtis, an outspoken supporter of “old houses, old people, and old dogs” (she even has a T-shirt with the slogan), insists that she is still a “purist” when it comes to restoring historic residences to their former splendor. With her new program, “Rehab Addict Rescue,” which begins Thursday at 9 p.m.

When it comes to each project, “there is absolutely no chance that we will be opening up barriers,” said Curtis, who is currently based in California, but she returns to Detroit on a regular basis.

Original woodwork should not be painted.

One home is located in Indian Village, another is located in West Village, and a third is located in LaSalle Park.

According to Curtis, “so many of these folks bought the property without having a strategy, and their expectations were utterly incorrect.” “Some folks were ready to put their properties on the market.” Curtis stated that she could have recorded the program in California, but that it was extremely essential to her that she shoot it in Detroit with her team of professionals.

  1. “However, they do not have air conditioning, and the cost of installing it is $40,000 dollars.
  2. “We selected initiatives in which students could learn with us,” Curtis explained.
  3. Curtis will make her television debut with the new series, which will air a decade after her successful show “Rehab Addict” initially aired.
  4. Working with Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock team, she helped to repair the landmark Ransom Gillis mansion in Detroit’s Brush Park neighborhood, which was completed in 2015.
  5. “We didn’t take a break” while filming “Rehab Addict,” Curtis explained.
  6. My kid has grown up, I have had another child, and my grandparents have passed away.
  7. “All of these folks were writing to me and posting on our Facebook page,” Curtis explained.

Curtis explained that they used social media to track down the highlighted households to include in the article.

Her most of the projects she’s worked on for “Rehab Addict” are still in her possession (several are available to rent on Airbnb).

“It’s really incredible,” she said.

“It’s more than simply a house restoration,” Curtis explained.

We’ve all been in these predicaments when we’re unable to move.

This is like my tenth professional endeavor. I went to college for a very different purpose. It’s basically simply to demonstrate to them that you just have to accept the fact that you need to make a plan and take a break.” [email protected]

‘Rehab Addict Rescue’

Rehab Addict Rescue is a reality television show that airs in the United States. Nicole Curtis is the star of the program. The debut episode of Rehab Addict Rescue aired on HGTV on January 1, 2021. So yet, just one season has been released. Based on 18 user votes, the IMDb rating for the series is presently a 7 out of 10 stars. HGTV has not officially renewedRehab Addict Rescue for a second season at this time. The release date for the second season of Rehab Addict Rescue has not yet been announced.

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Rehab Addict Rescue season 2 release date: When will it premiere?

Is Rehab Addict Rescue returning for a second season? There has been no announcement about a renewal of Rehab Addict Rescue for a second season. When will the second season of Rehab Addict Rescue premiere? Rehab Addict Rescue has not yet been officially renewed for a second season by HGTV. As of February 2022, there is no set date for the premiere of the new season of The Walking Dead. This does not necessarily imply that the series has been canceled. It’s possible that the program is taking a hiatus, and the premiere date for the next season hasn’t been confirmed or arranged yet.

Those interested in receiving notifications when season 2 premieres should sign up for updates below and participate in the discussion on our forums.

Frequently asked questions

Is the show Rehab Addict Rescue on the chopping block? No, there has not been a cancellation of Rehab Addict Rescue. Is there a Netflix version of Rehab Addict Rescue? We do not keep track of Netflix release dates; however, you can find out if Rehab Addict Rescue is available on Netflix by visiting NetflixSchedule. What is the total number of seasons of Rehab Addict Rescue? As of February 2022, there are 1 seasons of Rehab Addict Rescue. What time does Rehab Addict Rescue begin to air on television?

You may also learn about the start timings of Rehab Addict Rescue in various time zones throughout the world.

There is currently no information available about the future season.

When was the first edition of Rehab Addict Rescue published?

Rehab Addict Rescue plot and series summary

N/A You may also check out the official website andIMDb page for Rehab Addict Rescue. You can also check out the trailer for Rehab Addict Rescue season 2 on YouTube.

Rehab Addict Rescue age rating

At this moment, there is no rating available for Rehab Addict Rescue.

We will make an update to the parental rating as soon as possible. As a general rule of thumb, parents should presume that the content is inappropriate for children under the age of thirteen.

Rehab Addict Rescue season 2 status and details

Name: Rehab Addict Rescue
Season: Season 2
Release Date: PENDING
Start Time: TBA ET
TV Channel: HGTV
Episode Runtime: Approx. N/A
Genres: Reality
Parental Rating: N/A
Region: USA

On streaming providers, you may watch Rehab Addict Rescue.

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Rehab Addict – Wikipedia

Rehab Addict
Directed by Nicole Curtis
No.of seasons 8
No.of episodes 83
Running time 22 Minutes
Original network DIYandHGTV
Original release October 14, 2010 – present

Rehab Addictis a home-improvement television show that airs onDIY and HGTV and documents house improvements. The DIY Network’s Rehab Addict premiered on October 14, 2010, and it has been running since since. Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New York City began airing on HGTV’s prime time programming in January 2014.


Nicole Curtis (b. August 20, 1976) is an architect who advocates for the preservation and restoration of existing buildings rather than demolition wherever it is possible to do so. Home renovations in Saint Paul, Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Lake Orion, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; and Akron, Ohio have been completed by her. Instead of modernisation, her work focuses on pre-World War II properties, and her renovation philosophy is to “restore historic homes to their former splendor” rather than modernize them.

Her father was the owner of a waste company.

Her current residence in Detroit is a refurbished 1904 house that she purchased in September 2014.

Curtis revealed in July 2015 that she was expecting her second child, and she gave birth to a son, Harper, later that year, making her the mother of two.


On July 1, 2020, it was revealed that a spin-off series titledRehab Addict Rescuewill launch on January 28, 2021, after the success of the first series.


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5 / 10 Is This a Step Backward? Nicole Curtis and her Rehab Addict series have long been one of my favorite television shows. It was possible to observe her personality and interactions with her team through a series of episodes covering different areas of a property under restoration. We also got to see her personality through her interactions with her staff. The new show Rehab Addict Rescue is a departure from the norm. During each hour-long episode, she delves into an unfinished home improvement project and pushes it to a certain degree of completion.

All of the information is squeezed into a single episode, which causes things to feel hurried or skimmed over altogether.

Because none of the clients has a lot of money to spend, you wind up with some mediocre results.

A few of them are truly rather dreadful, with gaudy colors and sloppy artwork that would require extensive painting to save them.

And everything appears to be hurried and incomplete, with the outcomes occasionally appearing to be sloppy. I sincerely hope that Nicole returns to her old format and enables herself to do better work at a slower pace so that we can all appreciate her on-camera demeanor.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rehab Addict Rescue

The one thing HGTV understands how to do well is come up with a unique method to spin a home remodeling program so that it appears to be something you’ve never witnessed before. In fact, that’s exactly what they’ve done with the new television series Rehab Addict Rescue. During each episode, the show’s host, Nicole Curtis, will deal with a group of stressed homeowners who have gotten themselves into trouble while attempting to complete their own home improvement projects. Nicole’s knowledge will not only assist them in identifying where they have gone wrong, but she will also collaborate with them to complete the tasks necessary to get back on track.

Check out the rest of this article to learn ten surprising facts about Rehab Addict Rescue.

1. Season 1 Will Have 8 Episodes

Especially now that we’re all accustomed to being able to binge watch our favorite shows, it’s usually helpful to know how many episodes a series will consist of before plunging into it completely. For those who were curious, the first season of Rehab Addict Rescue will consist of eight episodes. Each episode will last 30 minutes in length.

2. The Show Is Somewhat Of A Spin-Off

You may recognize the title of the program if it seems remotely similar to you, which means that the show isn’t fully original. The show is a spin-off of Nicole Curtis’ previous shows, Rehab Addict: Detroit and Rehab Addict, both of which were hosted by her. Nicole, on the other hand, was the one who was conducting the remodeling work on those exhibits.

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3. The Show Is Also Available On Discovery +

If you don’t have access to cable, it might seem hard to keep up with your favorite television series. Fortunately, I have some excellent news for those of you who don’t have access to HGTV or other similar channels. Additionally, the show is accessible on Discovery Plus, the Discovery Channel’s brand new streaming service.

4. Nicole Also Points Out Other Updates/Fixes The Home Needs

During her house visits, Nicole’s primary purpose is to assist clients in resolving issues that they have previously encountered as a result of their DIY improvements. Her report will also include a list of additional concerns that need to be addressed, such as electrical wiring and plumbing problems, as well as structural problems.

5. The Show Is Nicole’s First Time On TV In New Years

Even though Nicole Curtis isn’t a newcomer to the world of home remodeling programs, her appearance on Rehab Addict Rescue marks the first time she’s appeared on one in quite some time. What prompted Nicole to take a two-year break from television? “I was wearing way too many hats,” she said to Fox News. I had worked really hard and devoted every ounce of my energy to the program, the brand, and, of course, to raising my kid. I was devastated when the show ended. Nevertheless, I was working more than seven days a week during a time when we only had seven days a week.”

6. The Show Focuses On Historic Homes

Homelessness is not the only thing that Rehab Addict Rescue will be concentrating on.

Nicole and her colleagues will be focusing their efforts on assisting people who own historic properties. This adds an additional element to the show because Nicole will also be tasked with assisting the property’s owners in preserving the historic charm of the property.

7. Viewers Will Get Free Advice

Of course, it is not feasible for everyone on the planet to be included on the show, but just because you are unable to appear on television does not exclude you from benefiting from House Rehab Addict’s educational content. Viewers will be able to download a free game that they may use to help them with their own home improvements while they watch the show.

8. Nicole Is Also The Show’s Executive Producer

Nicole is not only the host ofHouse Rehab Addict, but she is also the executive producer of the show as well. According to Master Class, “A television executive producer is often the program’s creator, writer, and showrunner, which means that they not only developed the show, but they also assisted in writing the screenplay and oversaw the show’s day-to-day production operations as well.”

9. There Hasn’t Been A Renewal Announcement Yet

Rehab Addict Rescue is still in the early stages of its first season, so the fact that there hasn’t been an announcement about a second season isn’t all that shocking. With that in mind, fans can be confident that there is a strong likelihood that the program will be renewed for a second season on the air. After all, the number of people addicted to rehab increased from 2010 to 2018.

10. The Show Has Its Own Hashtag

For those of those wishing to keep up with the program on social media, the show does not have any of its own accounts, which is a disappointment for anyone intending to do so. Viewers may still follow up with the show by utilizing the hashtag #RehabAddictRescue on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Fans may be able to uncover extra material if they use the hashtag to search for it.

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Nicole Curtis

10 years of Rehab Addict, over 118 episodes, projects in Minneapolis, Detroit and even Akron later, the show is still going strong. We decided to hang up our hats for a few years in order to just take a break. The return of our new show Rehab Addict Rescue fills us with a great sense of accomplishment. In comparison to the Rehab Addict that you have all been watching for so many years, what is different about the new show? The good news is.not much. It’s still me preserving ancient houses in Detroit, but this time we’re working with stressed homeowners to get them back on the path to restoration and back on their property.

  • There will be one full hour of Old House overload, my caustic humor, my affection for my team, and, most importantly, one full hour of an old crumbling house getting the spotlight shined on it.
  • Tessa is always in the news, and I get questions about her on a daily basis.
  • Her death came around a year and a half later, for those of you who are unaware of what happened.
  • Our family and friends continue to tell her story through the Love, Team Tessa foundation, which was established in her honor by her mother and father.
  • on a rainy Saturday night in November.
  • My 40 years have brought me into contact with many youngsters, and I myself have two children, but this little one struck me as having a very ancient spirit.
  • To say that none of us anticipated what happened would be an understatement.
  • If I had to bet on someone beating the odds, I’d put my money on our little child.
  • I just remember thanking God for allowing me to have the privilege of loving her, and I managed to keep my emotions back while I spoke with her.
  • I told her I loved her and kissed her lovely bald head one more time before walking away from her.
  • Hopefully, every one of you will take a moment to visit her Facebook page and spread the word about welovetessa.

When others hear her story, they become more aware of the problem, which results in more money being directed toward finding a treatment. We need these babies, and we miss Tessa, so please share her story.

Yes, I actually wrote ANew York TimesandUSA TodayBestseller!

“The book meets Nicole’s followers’ long-standing desire to learn more about her personal life.” It is written in Nicole’s trademark straightforward yet unflinching manner, with the overarching theme being to always see the glass as half full—or, more aptly, to see the falling-down house as half standing.” —POPSUGAR CURTIS’ energizing, tenacious nature, and enthusiasm for the hustle are contagious. —BOOKPAGE

yes, I actually still work on houses.

The eighth season of HGTV’s Rehab Addict Rescue2021 has eight episodes. Nicole Curtis has returned to Detroit to assist overworked do-it-yourselfers who believe they have exhausted their choices in renovating their historic properties. Show Status as of Right Now Season 2 of Rehab Addict Rescue has not yet been renewed. This episode aired on Thursday, March 18, 2021. The Bachelor Pad at Grandma’s Episode 8 of Season 1 of the show We’re sorry, but there are no scheduled dates for Rehab Addict Rescue.

We’ll keep you informed as events unfold.

Name Air Dates
1 Sell or Stay Jan 28, 2021
2 Little Trouble in Big Craftsman Feb 4, 2021
3 New Nest, Who This? Feb 11, 2021
4 In the House Revival Feb 18, 2021
5 Tudor Kitchen Complications Feb 25, 2021
6 Battle for the Bathrooms Mar 4, 2021
7 Sweat Equity Mar 11, 2021
8 Grandma’s Bachelor Pad Mar 18, 2021

Subscribe to the show’s newsletter. You will receive automatic alerts when the release date for Rehab Addict Rescue Season 2 is announced. There are 68 fans who have subscribed. HGTV has been officially renewed. Help! Season 3 of I Wrecked My House will broadcast in the fall of 2022. Rustic Rehab Season 2 has been officially canceled by HGTV.

Nicole Curtis Is Returning To HGTV With New Series Where She’ll Help Homeowners Restore Old Houses

The year 2021 is already looking promising. The successful restoration showRehab Addict, which aired from 2010 to 2018 and made Nicole Curtis a star, is receiving a remake, according to HGTV, which revealed the news Monday. It’s time for Rehab Addict Rescue! It will be the eighth episode of this eight-episode series that will broadcast on Thursday, January 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The series will continue to follow Curtis as she rescues homeowners who are completely overwhelmed by the remodeling process.

  1. Curtis will visit with families whose home renovation efforts have gone horribly wrong in each episode.
  2. Consider the following examples: new electrical wiring, updated plumbing, or structural repairs and renovations.
  3. She’ll work within the confines of the family’s budget on tasks such as restoring old hardwood floors, updating kitchens and bathrooms, and improving historic architectural details, among others.
  4. This material has been imported from the Instagram platform.
  5. The statement from Curtis stated, “For years, I’ve been rescuing ancient properties from demolition and refurbishing them.” “As a result of our efforts, a large number of individuals have followed in our footsteps.

Now that they’ve discovered what it truly takes to save an ancient house, we’re here to save them.” Curtis expressed her delight that “people desire to maintain these grand old buildings,” and she added that she enjoys “helping them find a way to convert a nightmarish project into the family home they’ve always wanted.” The first episode of HGTV’s Rehab Addict Rescue will air on Thursday, January 28, at 9 p.m.


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